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Interlux Antifoulant on Aluminum Hulls

Quick Tips for Applying Antifouling Paint to Bare Aluminum Hulls

Aluminum is difficult to overcoat because it oxidizes instantly on contact with the atmosphere and aluminum oxide is very hard, sandpaper is made of aluminum oxide. The best method for getting coatings to adhere to aluminum is the following:

  1.   Degrease the surface with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 or Special Thinner 216.

  2.   Bring metal to a uniform bright finish by sandblasting with non-ferrous blast media such as clean silica sand or, if blasting is not possible, grind using a 36-grit wheel. Remove blast or sanding residue with clean air or a broom.

  3.   Within one hour of blasting or sanding apply the first coat of Interprotect 2000E/2001E. If more than one hour has passed, apply one thin coat of Viny-Lux Primewash 353/354 thinned 25% with Vinyl-Lux Solvent 355 prior to the application of Interprotect.

  4.   Apply a total of four coats of Interprotect 2000E/2001E. Apply 5 coats over riveted and welded areas.*

  5.   Apply 2-3 coats of Trilux 33, or Tri-Lux II.

*If overcoating times of Interprotect 2000E cannot be followed use 5-6 coats of Primocon.

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