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Interlux Dos and Donts for Topside Finishes

Do's & Don'ts for Paint Finishes

  • Ensure an even spread by holding the brush at 45 degrees - this minimizes brush marks.

  • The best finish is achieved on large areas by two people, one to apply the paint, the other following immediately behind to smooth the finish.

  • Clean or change brushes every 20 minutes or so.

  • Always use lint-free cleaning cloths.

  • Stir the can occasionally during the work.

  • Dampen the ground with water before commencing painting to avoid any dust rising.

  • Use a worn brush for the final coat, this will ensure less brush marks.

  • Painting is best achieved on warm, dry mornings - cold weather retards drying and dampness will spoil the gloss.

  • Always pour the amount of paint that you expect to use at any one time into a separate container.

  • Always use the good quality china bristles for topside finishes.

  • Always use top quality fine line masking tape to ensure good crisp lines.

  • Never apply direct from the can, as this will introduce contamination.

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