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Interlux Solvent Chart

Interlux Paint Thinners and Solvents

Varnish and Paint Thinners and solvents designed specifically to react well with Interlux Paint Systems. Refer to the handy paint thinner guide for some tips on which product to choose.

Interlux thinner 216 is a special evaporating solvent that improves paint drying times in cold temperatures and makes spray application easier. Boating enthusiasts and boatbuilders use it to remove leftover sanding residue from hulls. Also used to clean bare aluminum and for cleaning paint equipment.

Interlux Solvents

Interlux 202 Fiberglass wash is made of several solvents that evaporate at different rates. Used on gel coat, to clean parts and as a utility wipe down solvent. Interlux solvent 355 is to be used for reducing Viny-lux primewashing, antifoulings, and VC offshore to make brushing and spraying easier. Interlux 433 Brush-ease solvent dries slow to make brushing and rolling easier. Not an all purpose solvent, Brush Ease 433 is primarily used with antifouling paints. Interlux 333 Brushing Liquid solvent dries slowly to make brushing easier, and extends drying in hot weather. Can also be used to remove sanding residue from fiberglass and wood.

Interlux 299 Paint stripper will remove paint from any surface, even fiberglass.

Perfection Polyurethane 233N 2316N 2333N or 2316N As needed 5-10% As required 25-35% Max.
Brightside® 333 216 216 As Required 10% Max. 10% - 15%
Yacht Enamel 333 216 216 As Required 10% Max. 10% - 15%
Interstain 333 N/A 333 As Required 10% Max. 10% - 15%
Varnishes 333 216 216 As Required N/A
Bottom Paints (conventional) 216 216 216 10% 1st coat wood only 5% - 10%
Micron® Extra,
Micron® CSC,
Trilux® 33,
433 216 433 or 216 As Required 10% Max. As Required 20% - 30% Max.
Fiberglass Bottomkote ACT 216 216 216 10% 1st coat wood only As Required 10% Max.
Fiberglass Bottomkote® Aqua 6216 6216 Water As Required 10% Max. As Required 10% Max.
VC Offshore 355 355 355 10% 1st coat wood only As Required 10% Max.
VC 17m® Extra, VC 17m® V172 V172 V172 10 - 15% Max 10 - 15% Max.
Interprotect 2000E & 3000 2333N 2316N 2333N/2316N 5 - 10% 10 - 15%
VC Performance Epoxy 2333N 2316N 2333N/2316N 10 - 15% 10% Max.

These are only general requirements. Thinner quality and type vary depending upon temperature and specific application.

N/A - Not Applicable

Spraying of antifouling paints is not permitted in Canada.

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