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Painting Non-Skid - Three Options with Interlux

Interlux offers 3 solutions for re-finishing a non-slip deck:

Option 1. Stir and apply - Interdeck

Our ready to use, skid resistant, low gloss, single-component finish that can be applied over bare fiberglass or any other substrate, over an Interlux topside primer.

Option 2. Mix your own non-skid finish

Any Interlux topside finish (including Perfection) can be transformed into a non-skid deck finish by the addition of Interlux Intergrip 2398 Polymeric No-Skid Additive. This additive consists of man-made plastic spheres, which are regular in shape. They have a low tendency to collect dirt, and provide excellent non-skid properties. Apply two coats of paint with Intergrip 2398 Polymeric No-Skid Additive mixed in.

Option 3. Hand Broadcasting Method

Roll on a coat of Perfection, Brightside or Toplac and while it is still wet, sprinkle the Intergrip as required to obtain the texture of your choice. It is best to put the Intergrip in a flour sifter or salt shaker to dispense the compound. Avoid heavy application, which will not assist in providing a more slip resistant surface. After the paint has been allowed to dry overnight, remove the excess Intergrip and apply the second coat of finish.

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