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Preparation and Priming for Topside Paint - Interlux

To achieve a good finish, the condition of the existing paint work should be thoroughly checked to determine the extent of the preparation required. Look for areas of damage, separation or peeling of the paint or any other signs that the paint does not have a firm hold on the substrate.

  1. Clean bare fiberglass with Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 or Fiberglass Surface Prep YMA601. For previously painted surfaces use Special Thinner 216 to remove any contamination.

  2. Re-inspect the hull to ensure no damage has been missed.

  3. If the paint is in good condition, sand with 220-320 grit wet or dry sandpaper and when dry, wipe with a cloth dampened with Brushing Liquid 333 to remove any dust residue.

  4. If the paint shows localized areas of damage, these areas can be repaired using Watertite Epoxy Filler or Interfill Epoxy Filler.

  5. If the previous coating is cracking, peeling or generally showing signs of separation over the whole area, it should be totally removed. Typical methods are scraping, sanding, grinding and/or using Interstrip Paint Stripper. After old paint has been removed begin with preparation for bare surface.

  6. Application of an undercoat will provide additional depth of color and durability to the finished surface. To create the best finish, when working with single part finishes, we advise mixing the second coat of Pre-Kote 50:50 with the topcoat. This will create a satin finish, which highlights final imperfections, which can thus be sanded smooth. This procedure will also help achieve greater gloss and color depth in the topcoat.

  7. Tech Tip:

    TESTING FOR COMPATIBILITY: To test if an existing topside paint product is compatible with our two-part polyurethane finish; tape a cloth soaked in Spray Reducer 2316N to the previously painted surface for 24 hours. If the surface is softened, it is probably not compatible. In this instance only a one-part paint product should be applied.

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