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Fill Holes, Voids and Nicks for Pro Paint Finish - Interlux


The quality of your topside finish is crucially dependent upon preparation. Filling in small areas of damage is an important part of this. Your boat is not only under attack from the elements. Damage may also result from collision, abrasion and other mechanical damage. Correct use of fillers is essential if the job is to last.

Follow these hints and tips to achieve a great result:
  • Interfill and Watertite Epoxy Fillers can be used above and below the waterline. Use either as a surfacing putty to fill screw holes and hairline cracks in gelcoat, prior to repainting with a two-part, high performance, polyurethane system, such as Perfection Polyurethane. Below the waterline, use as part of osmotic blister protection or repair system. Mix both Interfill Epoxy Putty and Watertite in a 1:1 ratio.
  • These epoxy compounds are 100% solids. Do not add thinners to these compounds as that will lead to shrinkage. Clean equipment with the recommended thinner. Refer to the label or product datasheet.
  • When mixing epoxy compounds check the label to see what the pot life is for the temperature you are working in and mix only what can be used in that time.
  • To avoid flat spots when applying and sanding fillers on curved surfaces, use spreaders and sanding boards that are longer than the width of the area by at least half as much again.
  • No matter how smooth a finish you have achieved, when filling or fairing, all fillers must be sanded before overcoating to ensure good adhesion.
  • For screw holes and small repair areas, ensure that all dust is removed and clean the area by wiping with solvent. Over-fill the area to allow you to sand back to a flush finish.If taking on a major profiling job, Interlux has a range of professional epoxy fillers more suited to the task than those described above.

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