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Cetol Application - Interlux

How should I apply and maintain Cetol Marine?

If Cetol Marine has not been used before:

1. Follow the directions for surface preparation from the label/ product datasheet

2. Apply a minimum of 3 coats of Cetol Marine using a long-haired natural bristle brush

3. Do not use a foam-type brush

4. Apply these 3 coats within a period of 2 weeks. Do not sand between the coats. For a smoother surface, sand lightly between the coats with a sanding pad. A minimum of 4 coats is advised in this case

If Cetol Marine has been used before

1. Annually apply a minimum of 1 coat. In areas of severe wear, two maintenance intervals are recommended annually

2. Prior to applying a maintenance coat, clean the surface thoroughly with a detergent cleaner, rinsing afterwards with fresh water, and allow to dry thoroughly

3. Roughen the surface with a sanding pad and clean the surface. Apply 1 or 2 coats Cetol Marine

Original article from Interlux (pdf)

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