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3m Paint Preparation System

The 3M™ PPS™ - Paint Preparation System replaces traditional paint mixing cups and filters and drastically reduces the amount of solvent required for gun cleaning.

3M™ PPS™ is a unique, closed paint system which eliminates the need for separate mixing cups and filters. Instead, paint is mixed in a liner bag which marries to a direct filter and is then mounted on the spray gun with a dedicated adapter. As freshly filtered paint is dispensed, the liner bag collapses, allowing the spray gun to function at any angle. Liner bag and filter are disposable, leaving only the spray gun and adapter to be cleaned. 3M™ PPS™ is therefore a cleaner, faster system, safe from outside contamination and offering considerable time and solvent savings on gun and parts cleaning.

  • Only one 3M™ PPS™ cup for mixing and spraying
  • Closed system - no outside contamination
  • Up to 70% savings of cleaning solvent
  • Less operator exposure to solvents and reduction in VOCs
  • Faster system - from mixing to disposal
  • Spray gun functions at any angle
Steps 1-2

A completely new paint system from 3M which produces cleaner jobs, saves on solvent and gun cleaning time and can improve efficiency by as much as 15%

Step-1 Remove existing cup from spray gun.   Step 1
Step 2 Thread correct adapter into spray gun.   Remove existing cup from spray gun.
Step 3 Remove liner from wall dispenser and place in PPS mixing cup.
3M™ PPS™ - Paint Preparation System Dispensers (PN 16099 and 16019)
  Step 3
Step 4 Use the cup with liner to weigh the paint according to paint manufacturer's guidelines or insert 3M™ Mix Ratio Film into the cup before placing liner into the cup.  
Step 5 Mix product as needed.   Step 5
Step 6 Take a lid (with built-in strainer) from wall dispenser and snap onto top of 3M™ PPS™ cup/liner.  
Step 7 Position locking collar onto the 3M PPS cup/liner and turn until tight.   Step 7
Step 8 3M PPS cup shaker core is used to distribute clamping force when shaker machines are used to mix.  
Step 9 With spray gun inverted, lower onto 3M PPS cup and lock gun adapter to lid.   Step 9
Step 10 Correct: Make sure that the lid fingers are fully engaged above adapter edge.  
Step 11 With air line connected, invert gun and pull trigger (full open, not partial) to bleed air from the liner.   Step 11
Step 12 Air only needs to be bled if spraying is to be done in the inverted position.  
Step 13 With the air removed from the liner, the gun may be sprayed upside down or in any direction to reach into difficult areas.   Step 13
Step 14 Disconnect air line, invert gun and pull trigger (full open, not partial) to return mix to gun cup before disconnecting gun.  
Step 15 To retain unused paint, seal the lid/liner with a sealing cap, and store. Consult paint or solvent Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe use and disposal.   Step 15
Step 16 When the 3M PPS cup is empty the collapsed liner and lid may be disposed of. Consult local regulations or authorities for proper disposal.  

Spray Gun Adaptors

Check the adaptor selector tool on 3M.com for the appropriate adaptor for any spray gun.

Premixed Paint

Various Basecoat colors and Clearcoat can be premixed in the mixing room, prior to entering the spray booth. Each liner with its lid in place can be sealed with a sealing cap (there are 25 included in the 16000 pack).

A simple blow-through of solvent will allow a new liner of refinish material to be introduced, while the used (or partly used) liner is capped and held for future use.

Consult paint or solvent Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safe use and disposal.


A squeeze bottle (PN 37720) containing solvent or water enables fast gun cleaning when the 3M PPS cup is removed. This means that the operator can switch, for instance, from Basecoat color to Clearcoat without leaving the booth.

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