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Marine Mold Masking Solutions - 3M

Answering the questions in the chart gives you a streamlined selection of 3M masking solutions for your masking applications.

1. What is your application?
2. What is your objective?
3. Do you want Tier I for high performance or Tier II for more economical performance?

In-mold masking products guide
What is your Application? What is your Objective? TIER I TIER II
Gelcoat Color Seperation Sharpest color seperation on curves and uneven surfaces. 3M™ Fine Line Masking Tapes 4737T, 4737S 3M™ Fine Line Masking Tapes 4735
Sharpest color seperation for straight lines. 3M™ Fine Line Masking Tapes 218 none
Acceptable color separation for curves or straight lines. 3M™ Crepe Masking Tape 234 or 2380 3M™ Crepe Masking Tape 233+ or 2364
Overspray and Non-critical Surfaces Large area masking 3M™ Hand Masker™ Pre-folded Masking Films White Masking Paper (e.g. 6530, 6538, 6540)
Holding masking films or papers, flange masking, hardware masking 3M™ Crepe Masking Tape 2308 3M™ Crepe Masking Tape 2307
General Purpose Securing masking film or paper around perimeter, taping cuffs and ankles 3M™ Crepe Masking Tape 200 3M™ Crepe Masking Tape 2214

Based on more than 15-years experience with in-mold masking, 3M can help you put these products to work improving the productivity and quality of paste-wax release systems.

With 3M fine line or crepe masking tapes you get holding power, line sharpness, conformability, and removal the way you want. And all 3M tapes provide the following:

  • Controlled unwind-not too easy or too hard
  • Instant adhesion at a touch
  • Secure adhesion to itself or other 3M tapes and papers for overtaping or gross masking

Overtape 3M crepe masking tape with 3M fine line tape for gelcoat color seperation.Protect flange from gelcoat overspray with 3M crepe masking tape.

Short term protection of hardware during assembly.

Masking a multi-color hull...efficiently and reliably

1. Overtape 3M crepe masking tape with fine line tape for gelcoat color seperation. 3M fine line tape provides a sharp paint edge.

2. Gross masking with 3M White Masking Paper to protect from overspray.3. Apply backer tape to reserve area for second color.

4. Total solution of 3M fine line tape, crepe masking tape, and masking paper for a multi-color hull process with the end quality that helps sell boats.

More application ideas

Temporary labeling for defect identification or process instructions.Pull tabs made of crepe and fine line tapes for easy removal during multiple gelcoat applications.

Masking for anti-fouling paint.

Use for sealing coveralls

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