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Fastener Metals

Non-Corrosive Fastener Metals

Jamestown Distributors is your source for Non-Corrosive Fasteners. We work hard to carry the proper fastener for all of your boatbuilding and woodworking applications.

Selecting the proper fastener material is not always easy. As you know, each type of metal is designed for a different application. Here is a quick breakdown on the different types of metals that we offer.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel screws are the work horse for modern boatbuilding or exterior woodworking applications. They provide great corrosion resistance while remaining affordable. Hardened steel screws are more common in the woodworking environment but cannot be used in a corrosive environment. Our stainless steel fasteners are available in two grades. "18-8" grade fasteners offer good corrosion resistance and contain very little carbon. "316" grade fasteners contain molybdenum, which significantly increases corrosion resistance, and the cost. Some cautions: Stainless steel fasteners can't be in an anerobic environment and as such should only be used with caution below the waterline. And when you're fastening stainless steel nuts to stainless steel bolts, you'll want to lubricate your fasteners with an antiseize compound like Teff gel to prevent binding.

Silicon Bronze

Silicon bronze is primarily used for marine boatbuilding, although many people appreciate the look it can provide with Western Red Cedar or Redwood because the screws will eventually blend into the color of the wood. Silicon bronze screws provide excellent corrosion resistance but are soft and require a carefully sized pilot hole to avoid breakage. (Pre-threading the hole with a steel screw will certainly help as will drilling, twice once for the root diameter and once for the shank. Using a Step drill is another alternative. In all cases you should lubricate the screw with Ackempucky and be conscious of the torque you are exerting.)


Brass fasteners are surprisingly strong but brass is a very soft metal. Brass screws also demand a carefully sized pilot hole to avoid installation breakage. Brass is the traditional choice for a non-corrosive metal and brass fasteners provide a classic look and feel to any project.


Our Galvanized fasteners are Grade 2 Steel, hot-dipped in a zinc coating to protect against corrosion. Galvanized are the least expensive metal choice for the corrosive marine environment.

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