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How Do Bennett Marine Trim Tabs Work?

How Do Bennett Trim Tabs Work?

Properly sized trim tabs improve the performance of your boat in a much wider range of weight, weather and water conditions. The purpose of trim tabs is to recreate your ideal running attitude, even on a rough day.

Think ailerons and elevators on an airplane. Trim tabs do much the same thing for a boat - providing lift to compensate for changing conditions.

How Trim Tabs Work

Three variables combine to affect lift:

  • Size of the trim tab surface

  • Angle of deflection

  • Water-flow over the tab (caused by speed of the boat)

  • When the helm control is pressed, the trim tabs move into position. When they are deflected downward, the water force on the trim tab surface creates upward pressure, raising the stern and lowering the bow.

    The principle is simple. The results are impressive.

    Reverse Operation Don't Worry About Which Trim Tab is Moving
    Bennett Trim Tabs operate the reverse of what you might think. The port trim tab lowers the starboard bow. Conversely, the starboard trim tab lowers the port bow. The control is wired so that all you have to do is press the control in the direction you want the bow to move. The proper use of Bennett Trim Tabs becomes second nature after a short time.

    Reputation for Reliability
    Stop in any of the online boating forums and ask boaters around the world what makes Bennett the best trim tab brand. You'll get an earful. In business for more than 40 years, Bennett has pioneered and perfected a trim tab system that lasts longer than any on the market today. You'll hear about systems that are still working after 20 years - what other component on your boat can do that? You'll also hear about how easy it is to service Bennett Trim Tabs, and about customer service experiences that consistently exceed expectations.

    Bennett Trim Tabs have proven to be:

    Responsive: Instantaneous and accurate, no other system beats Bennett Trim Tabs.

    Precise: Bennett Trim Tabs never over-run or free-wheel after you release the controls. Our hydraulic system allows exact adjustments, especially critical at high speeds.

    Maintenance-Free: Install it and forget it. Our system offers years of trouble-free service.

    Durable: Bennett Trim Tabs are designed to last longer than your boat. Third-party research and countless testimonials have proven this again and again.

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