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How Can I Enhance my Bennett Marine Trim Tab Performance?

How Can I Enhance My Trim Tab Performance?

Bennett offers a number of trim tab accessories that will enhance the performance of your system. Each one has been developed to make life easier for the boater.

Auto Tab Retractor Auto Tab Retractor
If you forget to raise your trim tabs when you trailer your boat, you run the risk of damaging your tabs. The same goes with boatyard hoists and front-end loaders; they can all cause damage if you leave your trim tabs in the down position. Bennett's patented Auto Tab Retractor automatically retracts the trim tabs when the ignition is turned off. This little device installs easily and may well pay for itself when you consider the cost of replacing a trim plane assembly.

Start protecting your trim tabs from dry storage damage.

Trim Tab Indicators Trim Tab Indicators
After you've used your tabs for a while, you'll want to know exactly where the tabs are at any given time. Are they up, down or somewhere in between? Now Bennett customers can know for sure as Bennett has developed the most accurate trim tab indication technology on the market. These indicators are precise, inexpensive and the average boater can install them in about 2 hours.

Bennett Marine offers three kinds of indication.
One of them, the Electronic Indicator Control, actually includes the Auto Tab Retractor and connects easily to the featured accessory below - the Auto Tab Control.

Learn more about your options for keeping tabs on your tabs.

Auto Tab Control Auto Tab Control
The only thing better than a performance-enhancing trim tab system is one that runs itself! Auto Tab Control (ATC) does exactly what it says it does - it automatically adjusts your trim tabs to changing conditions and maintains the optimum running attitude for your boat. The result? Even greater fuel efficiency and the most comfortable ride you can have on your boat. Just set your ATC and relax.

Stop the guesswork and start enjoying a perfectly trimmed boat.

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