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Torqeedo Electric Outboards

Torqeedo electric outboard motors

Torqeedo manufactures lightweight, powerful electric boat motors. For several years, U.S. boating enthusiasts could only read about these innovative German motors. The rising cost of fuel, increasing emission and pollution legislation, and a growing demand for socially responsible or 'green' solutions are all factors in the great interest in Torqeedo outboards.

Electric Outboard Motor Technology

Traditionally, electric outboards were suitable for use as trolling motors or on dinghies and inflatables. Innovations in efficiency and battery technology have changed what electric motors are capable of. Torqeedo designs emphasize torque. The Travel 801 has power equivalent to a 2 horsepower internal combustion engine. At the heart of it is a motor unit the size of a cigarette pack and weighing barely over 1 pound.

To achieve such performance, power rare earth magnets and unique external rotor design are optimized in the interest of lightness and efficiency to create motors with torque 20 times that of convertional internal rotor designs. An 800 watt Torqeedo motor is capable of driving a propeller typically used with 20 hp gas engines.


Torqeedo Propeller Technology

Conventional gas engine outboards have low torque at low speeds this results in inefficient propellers. Torqeedo props turn slowly, with a high pitch and large diameter for maximum effectiveness. Most propellers used with recreational boats are based on 60 year old designs.

Torqeedo expanded on the design principles found on the props of larage ships, designs incorporating multi-dimensional calculations to maximize efficiency. Compared to basic propellers with 'old school' linear pitch and camber, these high tech props feature pitch and camber optimized for different speeds.

LIMA Battery Technology

Electric outboard and trolling motors have long been hindered by inefficient and bulky battery systems. The advent of Lithium-Manganese batteries eliminates these problems. Lithium-Manganese, or LIMA batteries have high specific energy densities and can withstand high current. In the real world, this translates into lightweight, powerful batteries that can withstand high current and high loads. Lithium batteries tend to keep their charge even when stored.

Torqeedo batteries are also protected against dangerous overvoltage, excessive discharge, and short-circuiting.

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