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Magma Grills

Magma Grills

Magma marine grills

Magma grills are made by boaters for boaters. Jim and Jerry Mashburn, founded Magma in 1976. These two brothers loved sailing and barbecuing onboard their boats, but were tired of dealing with grills that rusted quickly upon exposure to the elements and the saltwater environment.

Their first creation was their signature charcoal kettle grill, a classic that more than 30 years later can be found all over the world. It's brightly polished stainless steel construction made boaters take notice, and today Magma offers a wide range of charcoal and propane bbq grills to suit just about any boat.

Kettle Grills

Magma Kettle Charcoal Grills

Magma Charcoal Grill

Classic charcoal kettle grills are made of 100% polished stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Height adjustable, rotating design ease and comfort while grilling. Magma kettle grills also feature a draft control door and lid that act as temperature devices and provide safety and efficiency. The familiar "Magma Kettle" design allows oven type baking to enhance the grill flavor while retaining the natural juice in the food.

  • Attached grill and lid. Lid acts as windshield in gusty wind conditions.
  • Attached, rotating adjustable cooking grill.
  • Complete temperature control.
  • Lower charcoal grate and sealed ash compartment.

  • Magma Gas Grills

    Magma Gas Grills

    While charcoal grills offer unbeatable flavor, they can't compete with the convenience of propane models. Magma gas grills are available in round and rectangular designs.

    Magma gas grills are designed for economy without sacrificing function. They are able to achieve hot and even temperatures, use minimum fuel and reduce flare-ups with a time-tested, highly efficient radiant screen and briquet heating system.

    The grill quickly comes to temperature, quickly disassembles without tools, and has a patented swiveling turbo venturi tube that allows the regulator/control valve to rotate where it is most convenient to you.This design also allows for quick safe fuel canister changes even while grilling.

  • Stainless steel radiant screen and ceramic briquets. Provide perfect even heat distribution.
  • Attached grill and lid. Lid acts as windshield in gusty wind conditions.
  • Magma's patented design utilizes convection cooking. Gives the hottest temperature with the least amount of fuel. Fast & efficient.
  • Newly designed, swiveling, windproof turbo venturi and control valve design.
  • Uses standard, disposable 1-lb. propane canisters or adapts to on-board LPG (propane) or CNG (natural gas) systems.

  • Tables and Cleaning Stations

    Magma Table

    Bait/Filet Mate

    Their line of cutting and serving tables are multi-functional. Perfect for food or cocktail service, bait preparation, or cleaning the catch of the day. The "Bait/Filet Mate" is virtually indestructible and more practical and sanitary than wooden cutting boards. They do not absorb fish odor, will not crack or mildew and are maintenance free and are made of the finest commercial cutting board material available.

    Grill Mounting Hardware

    Magma Mounts

    Rail Mount

    In order to endure the most severe marine conditions, Magma has designed all angle mounting brackets that are made entirely of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. These quick disconnect mounting brackets fit any angle railing and can be easily stored without the use of tools.

    Cookware and Accessories

    Magma Cookware

    Magma has expanded and created a line of cookware with the same quality and value expected from their products. There "Nesting" Set includes three sauce pans and a lid that conveniently nests for storage in less than 1/2 cubic foot of cabinet space. All have triple clad bottoms (stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel) and are milled perfectly flat for even heat distribution on gas, electric or ceramic cooktops. All the cookware is oven safe and dishwasher friendly.

    Magma Utensils

    Magma's line of Cookware also includes trays that are perfect for grilling flaky fish, vegetables, and smaller items Magma's steamer trays keep small delicacies from falling through the grill. Plus, with their line of grill brushes, tongs and spatulas Magma provides all the accessories necessary for the ultimate in cooking control.

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