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How to Add a Micron Water Separating Fuel Filter

Adding A 10-Micron Water Separating Fuel Filter

Don't have a water separating fuel filter? Adding one is easy if you plan ahead. Don't let ethanol damage your engine and cause costly repairs.

  • Be sure mounting surface is stable and you will not drill into any objects behind the mounting surface (fuel tank, water tank, livewell, etc.).
  • Add filter to the low pressure side of the fuel system (between tank and fuel pump)
  • Be aware of all applicable regulations (USCG, CCG, and ABYC) for proper installation. If in doubt, contact your nearest Sierra Dealer Network dealer and schedule an appointment for professional installation.
  • Plan ahead, what size brass hose barbs will you require and what diameter stainless steel hose clamps will be needed?
  • Try and mount in an area with the best accessibility that allows for easy replacement and inspection.
  • What type of mounting head do you need? Aluminum (fresh water) or stainless steel (brackish and salt water)?
  • What diameter thread on the mounting head? 1/4" NPT or 3/8" NPT?
  • Do you need a drainable bowl style filter to extend filter life and make removal of water easier? AquaVue clear drainable bowls are for above deck applications only. Use Sierra metal drainable bowl for below deck and engine compartment installations.
  • Keep a spare filter canister. Sierra offers convenient Bonus Packs to always have an extra filter for emergencies.

All Sierra 10-Micron Water Separating Fuel Filter Kits are supplied with the mounting head, filter canister and two brass pipe plugs for multiple installation configurations, Bonus Packs include an additional spare filter. Sierra mounting heads have two inlet and two outlet ports on each head to allow for multiple mounting configurations. Additional parts required to complete the installation not supplied with the kit are; stainless steel clamps, mounting hardware, and brass hose barbs to match the fuel line diameter.

Kit Part # Head Material Port Size Comments
18-7983-1 Aluminum 1/4"  
18-7966-1 Aluminum 1/4" High Capacity Filter
18-7986-1 Aluminum 3/8"  
18-7984-1 Stainless Steel 1/4"  
18-7985-1 Stainless Steel 3/8" High Capacity Filter
18-7983-2 Aluminum 1/4" Bonus Pack w/spare filter
18-7932 Aluminum 1/4" AquaVue collection bowl
18-7951 Aluminum 1/4" Metal collection bowl
18-7937 Stainless Steel 1/4"  
18-7938 Stainless Steel 3/8"  


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