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Bic Sport

Bic Sport

Bic Sport

In 1976, Marcel Bich established Bic Sports after noticing the growing popularity of kayaking and windsurfing. Since then, Bic Sport has become one of the world leaders in kayak, windsurf and surfboard production by virtue of their innovative concepts, sleek design and an ultra-modern industrial process. Bic boats and surfboards hit the sweet spot of price, features, and quality.

Bic Kayaks

Bic Sport Kayak

Kayak Design Innovation
Bic Sport kayaks have slender lines and a unique Tri Hull Design (THD) that optimizes speed, comfort, stability, and improved gliding while maintaining maneuverability. The THD design features two concaves for increased lift and gliding.

Bic kayak design

(1) For increased gliding, two outside hull sections
(2)Two intermediate concaves for stability on the water
(3)Design creates lift, an optimal mix of water and air for better performance.

BIC Kayak Construction Techniques
Twin Sheet Technology (TST) and UV resistant polyethylene material means these kayaks are light, strong, durable, rigid, fast, comfortable and stable.


The upper part of the YakkAir (1) consists of a solid, double layer fabric envelope (2) around two urethane inner tubes (3) inflated to low pressure. A combination that is strong and light. The submerged part of the kayak is highly sophisticated, combining a high-pressure floor, (4) a PVC skin (5) and a keel (6) all working together to give a hull that is a rigid and dynamic double concave shape. The PVC skin protects the hull and rubber bumpers from bow to stern give excellent protection against knocks and bumps.

Bic Sport YAKKAir

Seat Ergonomics
Bic kayak seats are designed for maximum paddling comfort.Bic Sport Ergonomics
  • Roomy seats are inclined and padded to keep the paddler in place, and relieve leg pressure while using the foot braces.
  • A low center of gravity provides stability, but is above the flotation line so that the bottom of the seat stays dry. An optional comfort-oriented seat is available as an accessory.

  • More Bic Kayak Features: Bic Sport kayak accessories
  • Elastic straps on Bilbao, Trinidad, Tobago and Kalao modes make boats easier to carry.
  • Transport net on Bilbao models for secure storage.
  • Abrasion protectors on the front and rear of each boat provide protection and make launching easier.
  • Safety lines found on Bilbao, Scapa, Trinidad, Tobago, and Kalao kayaks make re-entry easier.
  • Carry handles found on the front and rear of Bilbao, Scapa, and Tobago models are rubber coated to protect against dings and scratches, plus make launching easier.

  • Bic Safety Innovations
  • All Bic Sport kayaks are sit-on-tops with self-bailing characteristics. The submarine shape of the water outlet favors the water flow when the kayak is moving
  • Most Bic kayaks have life-lines to help you get back on board if you fall out.

  • Sustainable Development
    Bic kayaks are made out of thermoformed polyethylene, an ecologically friendly material. During its production very few hazardous chemicals are used and there is no waste material. All excess material is broken down and recycled back into the production process, any gas emissions into the atmosphere are negligible and the water used for cooling is recycled.

    Bic Sport Boats

    Bic Boat

    Exceptional Stability
    Bic 245 and Sportyak boats have a catamaran hull shape for stability. This is an advantage for hunting, fishing or ferrying equipment over to an anchored boat. The Bic 245 can comfortably accommodate three people without risking capsizing.

    Bic Sport Double Hull Safety
    Double hull design provides added safety. If the outer hull began to leak, the inner hull will provide enough flotation to make it back to the shore safely.

    Bic boat Double Hull

    Bic Boats Are Famously Long-Lasting
    The Sportyak and Bic 245 are made of virtually indestructible polyethylene unaffected by UV rays, salt and impacts.

    Lightweight Boats
    Since the Sportyak and the 245 are usually carried by hand and loaded onto roof racks, they are designed to be as light as possible without compromising safety.

    Bic Sport Surfboards

    Bic Surfboards

    ACS (Aerated Cellular Structure) Technology

    Bic uses proprietary ACS technology in their line of durable, stable, and affordable surfboards. Constructed out of polyethylene, Bic surfboards resist dings and damage that would destroy a fiberglass board.

  • Easy to ride for intermediate level surfers
  • Incomparably long life
  • Light but very solid boards
  • Bic Technology

    BIC Surfboards: Proven Epoxy Technology

    Bic Sport was the first manufacturer to develop epoxy composite surfboards. Epoxy surfboards are extremely stiff, lightweight, and are approximately 30% more durable than polyester constructed boards. Epoxy/E-Comp Surfboards provide shapes that suit both intermediate and experienced surfers.

  • Accurate reproduction of quality shapes
  • Unbeatable durability
  • Light weight and Stiff
  • Bic Sport Windsurfing

    Bic Sport Windsurfing

    Bic Windsurfing boards are constructed using composite technology with aluminum molds to create a board that is 20% lighter than competitors while remaining stiff, lightweight, and durable.

  • CTS : Targets of stiffness, lightweight and durability, mean that carbon reinfoprcements are used along the rails and underneath the feet (Techno&One Design).
  • TS : Durability is the main goal, and additional glass reinforcement is used in critical areas (Core).
  • TS/EVA : Same technique as the TS boards, except that an EVA deck is integrated into the thermoforming process in order to increase

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