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Sealife Cameras

Sealife digital underwater cameras

SeaLife Digital Underwater Cameras

SeaLife is the world's leading manufacturer of underwater dive cameras and accessories. These affordable, rugged, and durable cameras are ideal for the avid scuba diver, sport fishing enthusiast, watersports and more. Being waterproof, a SeaLife digital camera is ideal for anyone who spends time on the water.

Sealife underwater cameras

Over 75% of the earth covered with water, with the underwater world containing more than 25,000 species of fish and forms of wildlife that do not exist on land. Since 1993, these unique digital & film cameras have allowed a greater appreciation of the world's underwater resources.

Going snorkeling? Planning a trip to the tropics? A camera capable of capturing underwater images can preserve experiences and memories that you can relive and share with others.

SeaLife offers a wide array of popular underwater film and digital cameras, and underwater camera accessories that have revolutionized underwater imaging. Being the only camera system that allows you to add accessories when you want, lenses and strobes are interchangeable with any of their cameras.

underwater digital camera

Digital Camera Advantages

  • Easy to Use - Comfortable handling and easy one-button operation make your dive peaceful and enjoyable. Every component has been tested thousands of times, so you can take impressive pictures with ease.
  • Easy to Expand - Although all SeaLife models have a built-in flash, optional external flash improves imaging quality
  • Ingenious Design - SeaLife cameras perform equally well on land or in the sea, on boats or beaches. The removable inner camera slips conveniently into your shirt pocket.

    Time Magazine named SeaLife one of the Most Amazing Inventions of 2005 and voted them Best Camera of 2007!

    Sealife digital underwater cameras

    Camera Accessories

    SeaLife offers a variety of accessories compatible with all Sealife film and digital cameras, which help you to enhance the quality of your underwater photography. Items such as close-up lenses, wide-angle lenses and external flashes help improve brightness, maximize color rendition and prevent overexposure.

    Sealife Camera Frequently Asked Questions

    How deep underwater can SeaLife cameras be used?
    Sealife cameras have depth ratings ranging from 75ft/23m to 200ft/60m depending on the camera model.

    What kind of image quality can I expect from a Sealife digital camera?
    All SeaLife cameras are high-resolution cameras designed and tested to take sharp, colorful pictures above and below water. SeaLife has developed underwater exposure programs that restores lost colors and automatically compensates the image exposure when using the optional external flash accessory. The SeaLife Land & Sea exposure program includes two underwater modes: Sea mode for automatic exposure control and color correction; and Ext Flash mode for sharp colorful pictures when using one or two SeaLife external flashes. Land cameras in a waterproof housing do not include underwater modes that work effectively with external strobes.

    What acessories are available?
    SeaLife offers external flashes and a wide angle lens specifically engineered for their cameras. Those with underwater photography experience feel an external flash and wide angle lens yield the highest quality images.

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