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Aquagard Paint


Aquagard created the first water-based antifouling boat paint. Their line of environmentally friendly paints have let boaters go 'green' for over 40 years. All Aquagard finishes and coatings are EPA registered and considered "Environmentally Preferable" because of their low heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOC) content. Water-based paints easy to apply and clean-up, without the toxic fumes associated with most marine finishes.

Aquagard environmentally friendly paints

Aquagard Paints & Coatings

Anti-Fouling Spray

For Outboards and Lower Units
Aquagard Spray paint

  • Aquagard Alumi-Koat Anti-Fouling Spray
  • Aquagard Mooring Line

  • Aquagard low VOC anti-fouling coatings create an invisible barrier to stop slime build-up, barnacle and marine growth. Alumi-Koat is the only clear anti-fouling aerosol spray approved by the U.S. EPA. It is an environmentally- friendly alternative to conventional outboard and lower unit paints. Aquagard Mooring Line is an anti-abrasive coating used to prolong the life of a mooring line.

    Bottom Paint

    For Fiberglass and Wooden Boats Aquagard Bottom Paint

  • Aquagard Bottom Paint

  • This waterbased anti-fouling paint exceeds V.O.C. standards while repelling barnacles and other marine growth on fiberglass and wooden boats. Fast drying paint rolls on easily. Water based paint makes for easy clean-up.


    For Aluminum, Fiberglass and Wooden Surfaces

  • Aquagard 181 Primer
  • Aquagard 190 Primer (not for fiberglass)
  • Aquagard 189 Sandless Primer
  • Aquagard 190 Aquagard 189

    Aquagard formulated these primers to be applied before anti-fouling paint in order to improve final coat adhesion. Aquagard 181 and 189 differ in their application: Aquagard 191 is an aerosol spray applied with a spray nozzle and 181 is applied with a brush or roller. Aquagard 190 is a water based primer, exceeds VOC standards,and is not formulated to be used on fiberglass.


    For Aluminum, Hulls, and Pontoons

  • Aquagard Alumi-Koat
  • Aquagard 180 Wash and Dewaxer
  • Aquagard Wash Aquagard Alumi-Koat

    These two paints are specially formulated for use on aluminum and other non ferrous metal surfaces.

    Environmentally-friendly, U.S. EPA certified Alumni-Koat is specifically designed for aluminum hulls and pontoons in order to create an invisible barrier that stops lime build-up, and marine growth, such as barnacles. Wash and Dewaxer strips mold release agents from fiberglass surfaces to create a smooth surface for painting.

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