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Blue Water Marine Paint

Blue Water Marine

Blue Water Marine Paint

Blue Water Marine manufactures cost-effective marine coatings including bottom paints, topside enamel paints, sprayable urethane paint, and epoxy primers. By using only the highest quality raw materials, painting your boat with Blue Water Marine coatings protects against barnacles, blistering, UV sunrays, salt water, corrosion, and slime.

Blue Water Marine was rated 2009 Best Value paint and the Highest Rated bottom paint tested independently by Practical Sailor.

Blue Water Bottom Paints

Blue Water Marine bottom paint

Blue Water Marine offers a variety of high quality bottom paints that are less expensive than their competitors. Blue Water Copper Pro SCX 67, one of their best sellers, offers multi-season protection for extreme fouling conditions. This bottom paint offers extra slime control that acts like a sunscreen to prevent slime and algae from attaching to boat bottoms. Its ablative copolymer base creates a smooth finish with durability and abrasion resistance. Blue Water Marine bottom paints can be used on all types of boat bottoms, including fiberglass, wood, and steel.

Blue Water Marine Topside Enamels

blue water marine enamels

Blue Water Marine offers two types of Mega Gloss topside paints. Mega Gloss 1 Part Marine Topside Polyurethane Enamel and Mega Gloss Gold Premium Topside Silicone Enamel. Both enamels are fast drying, provide a hard protective coating, and are resistant to tough chemicals, cleaning solutions, and ultraviolet lights.

Blue Water Marine Urethanes

blue water marine urethane

Blue Water Marine manufactures a variety of urethane paints that provide a smooth finish with excellent handle and flow. Ultraglow Gold is a two-component topside polyester urethane that creates a hard protective coating and a super high gloss. Blue Water Marine Urethanes provide color retention and durability and can be used on fiberglass, aluminum, steel and wood.

Blue Water Marine Epoxy Primers

blue water marine epoxy primer

Blue Water Marine epoxy primers prevent water absorption, blistering and eliminate a direct path for water migration. Apply primer before painting. Bottom Protect High Build Epoxy Primer Gallon Kit includes an epoxy primer prevention coating and an epoxy resin to repair gelcoat blistering. Blue Water Marine Epoxy primers create a seamless epoxy coating that provide a high build water barrier that eliminates any direct path for water migration.

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