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Novabraid marine rope, line and cord

Novabraid is a division of Novatec Braids of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The combination of close proximity to the North Atlantic fishing industry, the region's tradition of high quality textile manufacturing, and a skilled local workforce means Novabraid cord, line and braided rope are made with the needs of recreational and commercial boats in mind.

Novatec originally catered to the commercial fishing industry, producing lead line, float line, and double braids. Their Novabraid product range also includes:

  • The highest quality shock cord
  • Pre-spliced dock and anchor lines
  • Mooring systems, including:
    Down lines
    Elastic tenders
  • Engineering products incorporating high-tech fibers:
  • Development of a custom fabrication shop to suit each customer's unique needs

Rope & Cord Include:

Dinghy Braid
Constructed with a high-tenacity polyester parallel core and a diamond-braid polyester cover, this strong, low-stretch and easy-to-handle line is designed for use with halyards and control lines on dinghies and small keel boats.

Nova lite
A double-braid line that features a multi-filament polypropelene cover and core. This line floats and does not absorb water, which makes It ideal for use on dinghy main sheets, control lines, and optimist bow lines.

Premium Shock Cord
Novabraid produces the highest quality shock or "Bungee" cord available using first quality virgin round rubber thread. Available in polyester, nylon, or UV resistant multi-filament polypropylene. These premium shock cords are designed to maintain 80 to 100% stretch even in extremely cold environments.

Sprint Cord
This 12-strand single-braid composite line is designed for main sheets and control lines on small to mid-size keel boats, constructed from a Spectra 900 and polyester fiber blend this line is light, will not absorb water and runs freely through turning blocks.

XLE Polyester
This super strong, low stretch polyester double braid rope is constructed with marine finish cover yarns that provide greater strength and durability. Easy to handle and splice, this rope also offers maximum abrasion resistance making it ideal for all running-rigging applications, including halyards, sheets and much more.

This double braid line is similar to the XLE Polyester rope, but with a fuzzy cover for feel and grip wet or dry. Recommended for running rigging application that are handled frequently, i.e. main sheets, jib sheets, and control lines.

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of racing and performance cruising applications, this hi-tech Polyspec rigging line is constructed from a 100% braided Spectra core and a marine-finished polyester cover. Ideal for halyards, tapered sheets, and control lines.

Protector Series Nylon Double Braid
Manufactured from 100% high tenacity nylon, this nylon double braid line allows for maximum strength, wet or dry. Ideal for docking, anchoring, and mooring applications.

Mooring Pendent
These straight mooring pendants are made from Protector Series nylon double braid and feature a heavy duty galvanized steel thimble on one end and a 12" whipped eye on the other end with two feet of chafe protection.

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