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Sikkens Cetol Marine

Cetol Marine

Sikkens Cetol Marine Cetol Marine is a protective wood finish and varnish alternative for use above the waterline. Cetol is suitable for interior and exterior applications, it beautifies & protects wood from the elements.

Unlike varnish, Cetol is flexible and allows wood to expand and contract without cracking. Cetol is micro porous, which means that moisture can work its way through to the surface without the blisters and flaking associated with moisture contamination of varnished wood. Some woods contain naturally higher levels of moisture, making them difficult to effectively finish. Cetol is suitable for use on woods with up to 18% moisture content, as well as teak.

Cetol Marine contains transparent iron oxide pigments for UV protection. It is these pigments that give Cetol Marine its unique appearance. Unlike varnish or wood oil requiring many coats and frequent care, Cetol is easy to apply and it is a low maintenance finish.

Compared to traditional wood finishes, Cetol's lower viscosity penetrates better, provides excellent flow and leveling to minimize or eliminate between-coat sanding, and makes application of multiple coats quick and easy.

Cetol UV Protection: Next Wave Technology

Sikkens' Next Wave technology is a unique UV absorbing package that provides greater protection, durability, and longevity. Think of Cetol as 'sunscreen' for wood. UV rays are absorbed on contact to extend finish life, enhance finish color and clarity.
Cetol marine finish

Where to Use Cetol Marine

Sikkens Cetol Marine products can be used on interior and exterior hardwood surfaces such as teak, mahogany and oak. Designed for above-the-waterline applications only.

Cetol is ideal for boat decks. Decks are exposed to sun, high moisture levels, temperature changes, damage from foot traffic, gear and line chafing, and requires a durable protective finish.

Trim, mast, railings and other exterior wood areas are frequently affected by moisture entry through unsealed or uncaulked endgrain. Sealing the endgrain with Cetol is an easy way to prevent long term damage.

Sikkens Cetol

Cetol Marine

Original 'classic' Cetol Marine is a flexible and breathable, satin translucent wood finish for use above the waterline on interior and exterior woods. It is formulated with Next Wave technology and has an attractive dark amber appearance on wood.

Cetol Marine Light

Marine Light

Marine Light is identical to the Cetol Marine, but formulated with different pigments to produce a lighter amber appearance.

Cetol Marine Natural Teak

Natural Teak

Marine Natural Teak has a rich golden color that enhances the natural beauty and grain of wood.

Cetol Marine Gloss

Marine Gloss

Marine Gloss is actually a topcoat used over other Cetol finishes to produce a high gloss, hard wearing finish. Do not use on decks.

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