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Kirby Paint

Kirby Marine Paint

Kirby vintage boat paint

The George Kirby Jr. Paint Company has been in the marine paint business for over 150 years. In 1879, the company pioneered the development of copper boat bottom paint still sold today. Their topside hull and deck paints are still very popular with boat owners preferring a traditional finish, from the time before modern polyurethanes.

Kirby topside paint

Kirby Topside Paints Include:
Standard Colors: Green Gray, Salmon, Green Tint, Orange, Warship Gray, Green, See Red, Cream, Ecru, Yellow, Bottle Green, Blind Green, Bronze Green, Lead Gray, Dark Charcoal, Medium Blue, Blue, Rose Pink, Rich Red, Brown, Russet, Red, Light Gray, Red Tint, Reddish, Dark Blue, Shaws Yellow, Light Green, Gloss Yacht White, Semi-Gloss Yacht White, White

Kirby kayak paint Kirby

Vintage Colors:Ivory, Straw, Colonial Cream, Colonial Yellow, Taupe, Putty, Sand, Slate Gray, Seaweed Pea Green, Permanent Green, Irish Green

Custom Color:Burgundy

FAQ: Painting Over Epoxy

A primer base coat is not required for paint adhesion, but Kirby strongly recommends all surfaces are cleaned with hot water and a scouring pad, then dried with paper towels. Additionally, the amine blush produced by nearly all epoxies should be removed prior to painting for best results.

Kirby Hull and Deck Paint Application Tips

Both new and previously finished surfaces must be dry, clean, and free from loose scale. Dry weather application is critical for maximum finish and gloss. You should not thin any Kirby paints unless necessary.

For a first coat on new wood, stir well and if possible pour paints back and forth from larger containers.

If you must thin, use less than 1/2 pint paint thinner per gallon. Every coat should be brushed out as much as possible in the interest of preventing heavy coats.


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