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Wera Tools

Wera Tools

Finally available in the US, Wera tools have been around for over 70 years in Europe. Across the pond, Wera is synonymous with their line of stainless steel screwdrivers.

Wera screwdrivers are different. They are made of corrosion resistant, extremely hard stainless steel using a vacuum ice-hardening process that results in screwdriver with tips that help prevent extraneous rust in stainless steel fasteners. All Wera stainless tools are cryogenically hardened at very low temperatures, which preserves flexibility while giving tools optimal hardness and durability values.

Wera stainless tools

The Wera Stainless Advantage:

  • Optimal hardness and flexibility.

  • Replace tools less often and lower your costs.

  • No more rust contamination in stainless steel fasteners.

  • Ice Hardening: The Science Behind Wera Stainless Steel

    The problem of rusting fasteners caused by ferrous contamination has been solved via their innovative line of stainless steel bits and drivers. After extensive research, Wera's research and development experts in Germany came up with a solution that would allow them to create stainless steel that would be hard enough, yet not too brittle for industrial use.

    Wera tools are "Ice Hardened", a cryogenic process that cools the steel in a gasless chamber, preserving flexibility while giving the tools optimal hardness and durability.

    Wera kraftform

    Wera Kraftform Screwdrivers

    Wera kraftform

    The classic Kraftform line of screwdrivers features ergonomic handles to ensure high torque transfer and quick tool repositioning, while hex-shaped ends provide anti-roll protection. High-grade steel makes Kraftform screwdrivers highly wear-resistant, and a black point tip avoids wear and damage caused by poor fit.

    Screwdrivers feature easy-to-grip ergonomic handles, making it easy to apply torque to fasteners.

    Wera stainless

    Wera screwdrivers have ice hardened blades made from exceptionally hard 400-series stainless steel that protects against fastener rust caused by using non-stainless steel tools on stainless steel fasteners.

    Screwdriver tips

    Screwdrivers feature laser-cut crevices that 'bite' into screw heads for firm hold to reduce cam-out effect and minimize contact pressure required.

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