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Gullsweep keeps birds from roosting and making messes on your boat. It's rotating arms make seagulls & other birds uncomfortable, and find somewhere else to roost.

It continually sweeps the area where gulls usually land, and birds interpret it as a danger or threat, warding them away safely. Gullsweep's silent wind powered operation is environmentally sound is harmless to animals. For this reason, Gullsweep bird deterrents are often found installed on golf courses, patios, gardens and yards.

All boaters are familiar with the nuisance of roosting birds. Once a gull has been roosting, it sends a signal to others that the location is a safe one. This is why some boats appear covered with 'evidence' of bird presence!

Gullsweep bird deterrent

On larger boats, several Gullsweeps are more effective. Installing just about anywhere, this inexpensive solution is easy to mount, dismount and stall. Tip: When winds are over 35 mph, it is recommended that Gullsweep be put away because birds won't roost in winds that high. Storing it when weather deems it unnecessary helps extend its service life.

Gullsweep is resistant to the effects of saltwater and sunlight. Its arms are made of bright anodized aluminum and can be cleaned with water. All other parts are made of stainless steel. There have been tests challenging the durability and longevity of the Gullsweep system and at wind velocities in excess of 60 miles per hour no adverse effects or harm occurred.

Gullsweep dimensions

Gullsweep Assembly

Gullsweep package

Gullsweep is pre-assembled for convenience. All you need to do is mount it to your boat. Permanent and non permanent mounting hardware is available.

Place the Gullsweep onto the center of the mount, fold the arms out and remember to take the vanes out of the storage position. The vanes snap off to the left side of the support rod when looking down over the center hub. The vanes will thus be on opposite sides from each other.

Gullsweep Mounting

Mount Gullsweep on the canopy forward deck or sterndeck. The bearing pin should always be vertical to the water. This allows for optimal results because if it is tilted it may not work as well in a light breeze. Since a gull typically lands into the wind and if there are searchlights it is preferable to mount toward the stern. If additional clearance is needed, you may need to bend the arms.

Gullsweep Permanent Standard Mount
Gullsweep permanent mount Model GS-1

  • Eliminates cleaning time and unsightly stains
  • Makes boating more enjoyable
  • Easy to install (2 screws) or quick non-permanent mountings are avalable
  • Folds in half and stows away quickly
  • Doesn't require any on board power
  • Works while you are away
  • Comes with the Standard Permanent Deck Mounting Block

  • Gullsweep Non-Permanent Rail Mount
    Gullsweep non permanent mount Model GS-RM

  • Anodized aluminum rail clamp (for 1 to 1-1/2 dia.) with adjustable center pin pivot to assure mounting pin is always vertical to the water.
  • Can be left in place and only center pin removed when running or, fully removed and stored in minutes.

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