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Durepox Resene Durepox

Durepox is known as "The World's fastest Bottom Paint." It is an epoxy urethane with superior adhesion to carbon fiber, fiberglass and wood. Professional boat painters admire Durepox's fast dry properties, sandability after three hours with no shrink back, and the ability to apply it without sanding between coats.

Durepox is used as a top coat on racing boats because it has an excellent ability to provide a water barrier and withstand the harsh affects of the weather and marine environment. In results done by Otago Flume Laboratory they found that its satin finish gave a 15% less drag coefficient that a high gloss surface on rowing skulls.

Durepox Resene finishes are commonly used on the hull and deck of many boats competing prestigious races like Whitbread and previous America's Cups. Sseven of the twelve boats in the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup defender all sported Durepox finishes.

What Makes Durepox Resene Different?

The People Difference
Resene employs three chemists and over twenty spray painters that all have the passion for solving problems necessary in such a specialized industry. All employees have a working knowledge of coating application technique and the skills required to create a product that they would want to use.

Each customer is treated individually because they believe that every market has unique coating requirements depending upon a diverse range of exposure conditions and uses.

Durepox's objective is to help create successful customers. They will not sell anything until they understand the process, the end use and the role that the coatings play in the process. They find solutions for business opportunities that require surface coatings, be it protective films for super tough operating environments or attractive decorative top coats.

The Technological Difference
Resene's philosophy is to make sure that they can pass on their skills and knowledge so that the sailing team can learn how to minimize downtime and wasted productivity.

Durepox three chemists work in conjunction with Resene Paints ten chemists to develop, modify, enhance, and test existing and developing products for New Zealand market conditions. Their developments are tested by the harsh conditions of the New Zealand environment. While they gather information from overseas they also design their products to withstand the harshest UV radiation in the world and the corrosive salt air of the sea. While staying informed of the latest international developments, they have also created several world firsts in our own right.

Durepox sail boat

The Product Difference
Resene is the only owned New Zealand company that specializes in developing coating solutions for New Zealand conditions. Coatings systems are tailored to each unique job to ensure the best fit between the two is achieved. Products can be modified to suit client requirements. They will work with your team to produce the best solution.

The Service Difference
Resene's extensive distribution network includes thirteen branches nationwide and a team of over 20 dedicated representatives. This allows their employees to meet their customers when and where it suits them. They pride themselves on providing the best service in the country due to their "can do" attitude.

Durepox Paints in Action

Faster, faster, faster...

Durepox New Zealand

Every boat in the Louis Vuitton 2003 Challenge race for the Americas Cup had Durepox on their hulls. Test results from Otago Flume Laboratory showed that compared to a high finish on hulls, Durepox can reduce drag by up to 15%. Durepox has featured on a large number of Volvo Round the World yachts. Great adhesion, wet on wet speedy application make Durepox the choice of champions.

Durepox: Faster and more Efficient than other Boat Paints

Durepox Accelerator is made for applications in colder climates where faster dry times are desired.

Durepox Base
Durepox Epoxy Urethane Primer or Finish Coat has excellent chemical resistance and adhesion that will provide premium protection.

Durepox Hardener reduces the amount of time necessary to re-coat, increases dry time and improves chemical resistance.

Durepox Resene's 400 Reducer is a thinner made for Base and Rapid Filler (2 part paints).

Durepox Base

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