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Swobbit cleaning system

The Swobbit System lets you clean your boat, car, or RV more efficiently. This range of cleaning tools and accessories includes the popular Perfect Pole fixed and telescoping cleaning tool handles, super absorbent Aquazorber and the Water Blade, scrubbing pads and plates, microfiber detailing cloths and mops, and complete boat maintenance kits to keep your boat looking clean and new.


Swobbit AquaZorberThe Swobbit Aquazorber is a top of the line drying mop, made from material that is not affected by mold, mildew, cleaning chemicals or fuel which makes the Aquazorber ideal for drying decks, painted and fiberglass surfaces quickly and easily. Note that these mops are recommended for drying surfaces, not for cleaning or scrubbing, especially on non-skid surfaces.

Wash Brushes, Mits and Tools

Swobbit Wash Brushes Swobbit wash brushes are available in a range of bristle sitffneess; from extra soft bristle to stiff bristle making them the ideal choice for cleaning a variety of materials and surfaces, including:
  • Delicates
  • General use
  • Teak decks
  • Non-skid decks
  • Textured surface
  • Aggresive cleaning

Perfect Pole

Swobbit Perfect PoleTelescoping and fixed Perfect Pole system are available in a wide range of sizes to suit everything from small boats, to RV's and mega yachts. Available in both adjustable and fixed sizes, Perfect Poles can be paired with a variety of accessories and adapters for every purpose.

Adapters and Accessories

Swobbit also produces a variety of accessories and angle and hand tool adapters for the perfect pole, telescoping rods, including boat hooks, an attachable landing net, stainless steel gaff hook and one of the most popular attachments, the dual-axis swivel plate.

Water Blade

Swobbit Water BladeWater blades are available in a variety of styles and sizes. The newest Flexi-Grip Water Blade features a soft gel handle to make the blade even more flexible. An adapter to fits the Water Blade onto a Perfect Pole in order to get to hard to reach spots.

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