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Fine Paints of Europe

Fine Paints of Europe

Fine Paints of Europe

Fine Paints of Europe carries a wide range of both oil-based and acrylic coatings, paints, primers, and varnishes. Their coatings provide dramatically better coverage than domestically formulated, by including higher concentrations of finely ground pigments that yield up to 40% more coverage per ounce than domestic paints.

Eurolux and ECO paints offer odorless, environmentally friendly formulations with water clean up and all Eurolux and ECO formulations now have VOC's less than 50. Hollandlac marine Grade coating offers extended performance, and is suitable for marine use above the waterline as well as being an excellent choice for front doors, windows and garden furniture. Fine Paints of Europe primers can remain unpainted for up to twelve months before receiving "finish" paint. This alone illustrates the integrity of Fine Paints, when you consider the normal window of 30 days recommended by most manufacturers.

  • Fine Paint's Marine Yacht Varnish
    is suited for both interior and exterior use, and produces a durable, high-gloss finish on most wooden surfaces. Recommended for use on boats, yachts, outdoor furniture, doors, cabinets, furniture and window trim. (Not recommended for decks)
  • Eurolux Interior Varnish
    This urethane acrylic is a quick-drying, easily applied, odorless, water thin-able, non-yellowing varnish suited for use on new or previously varnished wood. Recommended for use on floors, stairs, doors, paneling, and furniture.
  • Hollandlac Enamel Paint
    Hollandlac manufactures high-performance, marine quality alkyd enamel suited for interior and exterior use. The heavily pigmented formula provide superior hiding power and resists fading. Suitable for any properly primed interior or exterior substrate including wood, plaster, wallboard, metals and plastic.
    • Brilliant Finish
      An oil based, ultra high-gloss enamel for interior and exterior use. Creates a dynamic impact when applied to walls and ceilings.
    • Satin Finish
      This oil based enamel produces a subtle, low luster sheen. Suited for interior use and on exterior doors, trim, shutters, furniture, etc. when applied as a finish coat over two coats of Hollandlac Brilliant Enamel in the same color.
  • Oil Primer/ Undercoat
    This high performance and high-build primer is designed for both interior and exterior use and may remain unpainted for up to 12 months before painting. Works best on woodwork, plaster, previously painted wallboard and previously painted masonry surfaces. A superior primer for most surfaces to be finished with FPE Paint System and specially formulated for stain blocking.
  • Eurothane Varnish
    This urethane varnish is available in high gloss, satin and matte and provides a clear finish on any unpainted wooden surface. Recommended for use on floors, stairs, railing, doors, trim, wall-paneling, and furniture.

Fine Paints of Europe Paint Brushes
Use these premium brushes for finishes yielding their full potential in appearance and longevity. Omega brushes feature natural bristles with the fine, flagged ends and stiffness required to apply and smooth a Hollandlac or Eurothane finish. Using a proper brush makes the application much less tedious and increases productivity, as well as producing a beautiful finish.

Fine Paints of Europe is the exclusive North American importer of paints and varnishes manufactured in the Netherlands by Wijzonol Bouwverven B.V. Like their European counterparts, the company's coatings products are distinct for intensity and depth of color resulting from high content of premium pigments and resins.

These paints are unlike most American paints for modulating value, the light or dark quality of the color, not by using black or white pigments, but by the addition of harmonizing or complementary pigment colors. For example, a green color is made darker by the addition of a red-orange pigment rather than black. Coatings offer a much longer life than conventional North American coatings, formulated to perform for an eighteen-year average period.

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