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Evercoat Marine Products

Evercoat Marine

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The Fibre Glass-Evercoat company was founded in 1953 when they began producing a fiberglass resin material that was used to recover and repair wooden boat. Today, Evercoat is a leading manufacturer and has developed a wide range of products designed for use in both the automotive and marine industry including polyester and epoxy resins, hardeners, fiberglass fabrics, gel coat repair kits and fillers.

Additionally, they offer specialty products, such as:

  • Sea Repair Epoxy Sticks
    These everfix epoxy sticks cure underwater and set in 30 minutes. They suit a wide range of applications including repairing manifolds, outdrives and trimtabs, exhaust lines, fuel and water tanks and lines, patch fix boxes, ice chests, battery cases and buckets, seal leaks, insulate electrical connections and forming gaskets.
  • Aluminox Epoxy Sticks
    Use to permanently repair holes, gouges, cuts, rivet leaks, in aluminum boats and RV's, as well as seal fuel water tanks and lines, pipe joints, drains, exhaust lines, manifold and mufflers. Sets in 30 minutes and can be sanded, painted, drilled, tapped and filed.
  • Two Part Pour Foam
    This 2-lb density foam will increase flotation, insulation and fill gaps, use to fill boat cavities, pontoons, floating dock blocks and to make your own buoy markers. Easy to use, just mix and pour the foam to fill cavities and increase buoyancy.
  • Skid-No-More Surface Coating
    Suited for use on steps, porches, walkways, diving boards, docks, boat decks and tools. This is a textured non-skid coating, formulated with acrylic latex and ground rubber; non-abrasive, pliable and resilient to the touch and can be applied with a paintbrush, napped roller or squeegee.

Also, a line of resin accessories:

  • White Cream Hardener
    This hardening agent is suited for use with all polyester fillers and its white BPO formula maintains color of filler to minimize excessive priming.
  • Liquid MEKP Hardener
    This liquid (Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide) hardening agent is designed for use with all polyester resins and gel coats. Plastic squeeze tube has graduated measure for mixing convenience.
  • Coloring Agents
    These popular coloring agents blend with polyester resins, epoxy resins, gel paste, polyester fillers and putties, and Skid-No-More. Available in a variety of colors.
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