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Bruynzeel Multipanel

Bruynzeel Multipanel

Bruynzeel Multipanel Brand Image

Bruynzeel has been a strong name in wood solutions for the past years, and a specialist in the production of high quality plywood. Bruynzeel plywood is constructed from several plies of carefully selected veneers, glued together to high quality smooth faced plywood, which is used in both maritime and constructive solutions. The peeling of veneers by Bruynzeel began in 1939, and were first used for the production of cigar boxes, it was also during this time that their well-known Hechthout plywood was created.The Brunyzeel Multipanel name still stand for the continuance, quality and service worldwide.

Bruynzeel Plywood Project

Wooding by Allin Bruynzeel

The plywood that is manufactured by Bruynzeel is designed to suit a variety of purposes including construction and nautical solutions. They also offer a variety of teak flooring and sound insulation panels.

Outdoor & Nautical

Bruynzeel in use on boat
  • Hechthout
    This is a weather and water resistant Gaboon marine plywood, quality A/A (A sides have no joints and are practically defect-free). It is possible to finish with both transparent and opaque paint systems. For use within both the construction and marine industry, and has even proven its worth for decades being used in the hull of ships.
  • Regina
    An okoume panel with a 15/10 sapele face veneer and a 10 year guarantee. Constructed of Gaboon marine plywood, making it water and weather resistant, quality A/B.
  • Decora
    Decora Marine plywood is an exotic wood panel with a cabinetwork face veneer and designed to be used for interior decorating.
  • Suprahecht
    This weather and water resistant Mahogany marine plywood is a 100% sapele panel with a 15/10 face veneer and 20 year guarantee. Used for a variety of construction and marine industry uses, including use in the hull of ships.

Sound Solutions

  • Sound Insulation Panels
    These sound insulation panels by Bruynzeel are produced as a sandwich with Gaboon plywood faces and lightweight or heavy rubber isolation material. Designed to help reduce noise these panels are a quality B/B.

Teak Flooring

  • Teak Solid Panel
    The teak solid panels produced by Bruynzeel are panels of teak with rubber inlays, the standard width of each inlay is 4mm and spaces between each inlay is 44mm.

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