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Back to Nature paint and varnish stripper

Back to Nature manufactures an environmentally safe paint and varnish removers. These finish strippers contain no methyl chloride or other harsh solvents that can harm the environment. Biodegradable, non-flammable, virtually odorless and easy to clean-up using water Back To Nature paint strippers are quickly becoming the choice of boat owners, boat yards, professional furniture restorers and woodworkers alike because they don't present the environmental and health risks associated with conventional high VOC, dangerous chemical finish removers.

Which Back To Nature Finish Stripper is Right for Your Project?

Back to Nature stripper


Ready stripper safely removes up to five layers of latex paint, oil based paint, enamels, alkyds, lacquers, clear coats, polyurethanes and varnish. Back-To-Nature Ready-Strip is easy to use and "changes color" to signal the time for removal. Apply the green stripper to the surface and when the paint or varnish is ready to be removed it will cahnge to white. The combination of Ready-Strip and Ready-Strip Wash is ideal for removing stains. The wash is ideal for clean-up and removes any residue left behind.


Back-To-Nature Multi-Strip can remove up to 15 layers of paint and varnish safely. Multi-Strip is tough and strong, yet will not harm the environment. It can remove a variety of oil and water based paint such as, latex, alkyds, enamels, stain, lead, lacquers and clear paints.

It can be applied by brush, roller or standard airless paint sprayer. It can be scraped off or power-washed off. (HINT- when power-washing, lay landscape fabric along the base of the building. It will catch the paint chips and allow the water to flow through). It is a good idea to use Ready-Strip after using Multi-Strip to remove residue and for clean up.


Has all the advantages of Multi-Strip, but Back-To-Nature Tough2-Strip takes it 3 steps further. 1) When speed of removal important, a lighter coat of Tough2-Strip will remove 1-4 layers in 15 minutes to 4 hours. 2) A heavier application of Tough2-Strip can remove up to twenty layers of paint and varnish in one application.
3) Tough2-Strip is more aggressive on difficult coatings such as two-part epoxies and urethanes and is better than Multi-Strip on red lead primers on metal.


Back To Nature Ultra-Strip takes the features of Tough2-strip even one step further by being even faster than Tough2-Strip. Ultra-Strip can remove even more difficult coatings than Tough2-Strip.


Liftn-Strip is a water-based alkaline paste finish remover that does not require any paper covering, is faster, has greater coverage and is more economical than its caustic competitors. Liftn-Strip removes multiple layers of water and oil based paints on masonry and porous surfaces such as, wood and plaster to remove high builds of paint. Back-To-Nature Liftn Strip has to be neutralized with Back-To-Nature Neutralizer(an acid wash) so that the surface will remain undisturbed.


Aqua-Strip is a technically advanced, safer marine stripper designed to remove multiple layers of marine anti-fouling, topside and other paints and varnishes in a single application. Back-To-Nature Aqua-Strip will not damage fiberglass, gelcoat or any surface.


This Aerosol Paint & Varnish Remover is ideal for small projects. It is an exciting and convenient way to remove paint, varnish, latex, alkyds, stains, enamels, lacquers, and polyurethanes. The special blend of chemicals eliminates methylene chloride, caustic, or other harsh stripping chemicals so the remover is more user friendly. It works on interior and exterior surfaces.

Ready-Strip Wash:

Safely and gently remove the residue and softened layers sometimes remaining after paint or varnish removal with Back-To-Nature Ready-Strip Wash. It cleans and prepares the surface for refinishing. Used with the Back To Nature Paint and Varnish Removers. Also helps remove stains from wood.


Strip-Tox is a safe lead paint remover that renders the lead paint waste non-hazardous for disposal purposes. It performs similarly to Tough2-Strip on multiple layers of paint. Use Ready-Strip Wash Wash to remove residue and for clean up.

Protect-A-Coat and BTN Exterior Encapsulant:

Lead Paint Encapsulating Coatings by Back-To-Nature is an alternative to lead paint removal where the surface is sound and intact. Protect-A-Coat Interior Lead Encapsulant & BTN Exterior Encapsulant is specifically formulated to provide a sound and sturdy barrier between lead based paint and the environment. These products are not recommended for certain high contact friction areas such as doors at door contact points, window sash liners or floors. Use Lead- Clean to clean or degloss gloss surfaces prior to application. .


This is a special NON-TSP formula that eliminates lead dust, the most common cause of lead poisoning. Lead-Clean is designed to hold lead in solution for effective removal. Lead-Clean is used prior to lead paint encapsulation, let it dwell longer and a special deglossing agent helps insure proper adherence.

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