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Briter Innovations

Briter Innovations

Briter Innovations makes a line marine engine drive showers, engine diagnostic kits, and are perhaps best known for their LED underwater lights.

LED Underwater Lights

Briter LED underwater lights are available in 2 sizes and 3 colors:
  • Briter Baylight and Canyon LED Underwater LightBriter Baylight Lights
    Baylight series underwater lighting not only adds ambiance and stylish illumination for your boat, but the bulbs have been proven to attract fish. Housings are made of 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Briter Canyon Lights
    Canyon series LEDs offer the same fish-attracting properties as the Bayside model, but are even more powerful, emitting light up to 100 ft off the boat. These are larger lights designed for the yacht size boat to add ambiance and attract fish for fisherman.

Briter Drive Showers

Briter Innovation Summit Drive Shower Both pleasure boats and performance boots can benefit from the installation of a drive shower that helps keep marine engine drives cool for maximum performance. Showers use Biter's proven 90 degree pick-up ports, along with a pin that acts as a debris filter. By dividing the tube in half, anything small enough to get past the pin will also be small enough to get out the dump ports. These drive are the only to feature a system that guard against the shower plugging up with debris, which would cause them to fail at cooling your drive.
  • Features and Benefits
    - Remove 50 to 65 degrees off your drive oil operating temperature.
    - Includes pick-up ports that supply water at any trim angle.
    - Won't plug up with debris because of its water filtration system.
    - Installs in 10 minutes or less.

Briter Engine Checkup Diagnostic Test Kit

More than 90% of all mechanical problems can be avoided when there is proper preventative maintenance in plane. The Engine Checkup offered by Briter is "The Immediate Marine Engine Analysis", its results will alert you to the presence of contaminants and particulate in your engines oil, general condition of the oil, any presence of water or antifreeze in the oil (sign of faulty engine seals), and the presence of any fuel in the oil. Briter Underwater Lights in use
  • Features
    - Only one drop of oil required
    - Immediate Test Results
    - Multifunctional Results easily seen and interpreted
    - No tools or professional assistance required
    - No need to drain oil - sample taken from dipstick
    - Determine inefficient combustion
    - Determine oil condition
    - Determine sediment or grime, water or fuel in oil, and degree
  • Benefits
    - Immediately detect and diagnose engine condition
    - Improve maintenance and repair scheduling
    - Identify problems before they become major repairs
    - Minimize downtime
    - Reduce repair costs
    - Prolong engine life
    - High value, low cost
  • Applications
    Internal combustion engines use motor oil for lubrication, cooling, and cleaning. Therefore, any type of 4 cycle internal combustion engine - gasoline/petrol or diesel using petroleum based or synthetic oil, can be tested using Engine Checkup.
    • Inboard and Outboard Engines
    • Generators
    • Bilge Pumps
    • Hydraulic Pumps
    • Turbines
    • Air Compressors
    • Circulating Pumps
    • Vacuum Pumps
    • High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

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