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Camp Zincs

Camp zinc anodes to control and prevent metal corrosion

The Camp Company manufacturs a wide range of zinc and aluminum anodes suited for marine, industrial & commercial applications, all of which meet MIL-SPEC A-18001. Available in a variety of shapes & sizes, or custom made to specs. As well as zinc and aluminum anodes, they also manufacture magnesium anodes for marine applications.

What are Zinc & Anodes?

Zinc anodes are used to protect metal parts of most inboard engines, outboard engines, hulls, propeller shafts, rudders, trim tabs, stern drives and in the cooling system from galvanic corrosion, which occurs when dissimilar metals, like an aluminum stern drive and a bronze through-hull are placed in an electrolyte solution like seawater.

What makes Camp Zincs best?

Camp zincs are manufactured using the finest materials and to meet the strictest military specifications. They use the most reliable, stainless fastening systems and won't break prematurely; these long-lasting zincs are also easy to remove when necessary. Made in the U.S by American workers, Camp zincs have the best reputation of any zincs made, and are requested by divers more than any other zincs on the market.

Camp makes:

  • Shaft Zincs
  • Hull Zincs
  • Grouper Zincs
  • Rudder Zincs
  • Tear Drop Zincs
  • Collar Zincs

    Collar anodes manufactured by Camp Company that are used on propeller shafts are subject to cavition, which causes the anode to decay more rapidly. These anodes should be inspected frequently to insure that they are functioning properly.

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