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With a wide offering of marine electrical products and a commitment to quality, Hubbell is the choice manufacturer for all your marine wiring needs. They produce a variety of Shore Power Inlets, Cablesets, Adapters, Twist-Lock Plugs, Connectors, Toggle and Rocker style Switches, Recepticals, Wall Plates, Weatherproof Lift Cover Plates and Outlet Boxes to complete any electrical installation.

Hubble Electrical

Hubbell Wiring Devices

Shore Power Cords and Receptacles
For many boaters it is important to have the comforts of home onboard their vessels, these comforts often include electronics requiring an amperage draw higher than the standard 30amps offered at most shorepower stations. Hubbel electrical offers shore power cords, inlets and connectors with terminations ranging from 30 Amperes up to 100 Amperes, in traditional or contemporary design. Each ship to shore cable set is offered in 25, 35 or 50 foot lengths, making it easy to adjust to all your increased power needs.

All Hubbell adapters, cords and inlets are fully sealed to protect against humidity, fog and rain and feature a totally molded design, making them completely waterproof and extremely durable. Each cord features an addedbull ring for extra strain relieve and exlusive copper crimp barrel termination for tighter connections and longer lifespan. They are also available with option Power-On LED light indicator to inform you when

The intelligent Y-adapter allows boaters to use a 50-amp shorepower cableset to plug into two, oppositely-phased 30-amp shore receptacles. An added safety feature on the Y-adapter causes the power to be shut off if one of the two male plugs is accidentally become unplugged. Ideal for any boat owner who docks at a marina with a mismatched electrical system to that of their boat.
Intelligent Y Adapter

Re-Designed Twist-Lock Plugs and Connectors
Hubbell twist lock plugs have recently been redesigned to set the standard by which all others are made. Like the name implies, each plug and connector twists then locks into place for a strong, secure connection every time. Cables featuring the twist lock design feature line-up notches to indicate when the device is locked or unlocked. These line-up notches, as well as a unique line up arrow, match up with responding notches arrows on twist-lock connectors, plugs and receptacles, insuring a solid direct connection that will not budge when locked into place.
Hebbell twist lock

Hubbell Switches
Each Hubbell switch is constructed in the USA and built to meat the requirements of The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). These high quality switches are available in 12V Toggle or Rocker Switch or Push-Pull styles for ignition or battery selector use. Switches, as well as many other Hubbel receptacles and wall plates are availably in a variety of colors to match the color scheme of just about any boat.

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