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Boaters have relied on BoatLIFE for 50 years for nearly every aspect of boat care. Makers of marine-specific caulking, sealants, epoxies, cleaners and waxes, Boatlife wide range of marine-specific products are used for everything from bedding hardware to restoring teak, from repairing rotten wood to hull cleaning.


Life-Calk is Boatlife's signature, most well known product. This is a long lasting, permanently flexible marine polysulfide sealant that can be sanded, painted and used above and/or below the waterline. Within 1-3 days LifeCalk sealant is tack-free with excellent resistance to teak oils, gasoline, and diesel fuel. BoatLIFE Life-CalkUse Life-Calk for teak decks, to seal thru-hull fittings, underwater seams, bed deck and hull hardware. Capable of bonding to a variety of surfaces and material including fiberglass, rubber metal, glass and itself. Cures into a firm flexible rubber seal with excellent waterproof and adhesion qualities. Also for use on damp surfaces and underwater emergency repairs.

    LifeCalk Tips
  • To speed up cure time, spray a little bit of water onto one-part Life-Calk
  • To clean tools, equipment and uncured Life-Calk, use Life-Calk Solvent and Cleaner or Release
  • Push the caulking gun along the beyond vs pulling it
  • In cold areas, warm tubes and cartridges before use
  • Fill in small cracks with Liquid Life-Calk
  • Use Life-Calk Primer if there is any question about whether or not wood is oily (except with Life-Calk 2-part type P)
  • Removed cured sealants with Release by spraying edge of sealant and work bonded area between surface and sealant with a scraping tool and Release until sealant is weakened

Boatlife Teak Maintenance

    Tips for Teak Brite
  • For excellent finishing, all the teak to dry 24 hours, minimum, prior to applying oil. Clean off overcoating on fiberglass before Teak Oil Sealer dries, to facilitate removal. Use Fiberglass Powder Cleaner to remove Teak Oil from fiberglass.
    BoatLIFE Teak Restoration


    Tips for Fiberglass and Bilge Cleaner BoatLIFE Bilge Cleaner
  • Fiberglass Powder Cleaner & Remover is great for cleaning shore power cords, inflatables, stainless steel and copper
  • Clean up greasy pots after frying fish by pouring a few ounces of Bilge Cleaner with water in the frying pan after empty the cooking oil from it
  • Bilge Cleaner can also be used in the washing machine for really greasy clothes, or on your driveway to clean up excess oil

Compounds, Waxes & Polishes

A wide range of compounds, waxes and polishes are formulated from BoatLIFE Waxthe highest quality products and are designed to protect, clean and restore and are suited for a variety of applications, from removing oxidation and stains to restoring original color and luster back to fiberglass boats.
  • Life-Wax Paste offers the ultimate marine protection for your fiberglass finishes. Using the finest marine grade wax available, this long-lasting carnauba formula contains superior UV filters to protect fiberglass finishes even in tropical climates.
  • By using the Fiberglass Rubbing Compound and Color Restorer you can remove oxidation, chalking and fading and restore your fiberglass boat to its original color and luster. This product will not harm or scratch gel coat and seals, protects and prepares the surface for waxing.
  • PolyShine Boat Polish is an easy to use liquid polymer formula that shines and protects and is specifically formulated for fiberglass boats, and is also ideally suited for chrome and stainless steel hardware and fittings. This formula may be applied by hand or machine.

Wood Restoration

Boatlife offers a variety of restoration products suited for many applications, including rust and rot treatment, as well as wet wood epoxy and an end grain sealant.

  • Git-Rot is a 2-part liquid epoxy that is applied by injecting it into dry wood to restore original strength to wood that has become victim to rot by soaking into the wood through capillary action and working with the loose rotted fibers. Ideal for transoms, stringers and cabin roof rot in both fiberglass and wood boats.
  • By simply painting Git-Rust onto a rusted surface, it will chemically convert it to a primed rust-free surface, with no sanding. Treated metal leaves surface primed, ready for painting and resistant to further rust, and when the color changes from white to black the surface is ready to be painted.
  • BoatLIFE Wet Wood Epoxy
  • Wet Wood Epoxy, this 2-part liquid epoxy cures in presence of water and adds strength and stability to wood decks, fills under buckled and warped planking and helps in preventing the accumulation of rot causing water.
  • Use BoatLIFE's End Grain Sealer to maintain docks and prevent rotting, Apply this 2-part liquid epoxy to plug hole and end grain on teak and other wood planking, tops of pilings, etc. This epoxy cures fast and strong and eliminates water penetration.


BoatLIFE Instant Gasket BoatLIFE Marine Silicones are designed to withstand harsh marine conditions and are non-corrosive so they won't harm metal surfaces. The Marine Silicone Rubber Sealant is an all-purpose, non-yellowing, mildew resistant binding product and its acid free cure will not corrode metal. This sealant is designed for use both above and below waterline and will not shrink, crack or even dry out. It offers superior flexibility that will last for years of expose, and the ability to adhere to fiberglass, plastic, metal, and wood. Marine Instant Gasket is a silicone gasket compound that is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 500° F and quickly and easily replaces any size gasket. This fast-curing, high-performance formula won't corrode metal, making it ideal for marine engines.

Solvents & Removers

BoatLIFE Release These Solvents & Removers were developed to be both safe and effective, working to solve a variety of application issues, such as the removal of cured sealants, as well as mildew stains from your boat. Release Adhesive and Sealant Remover makes cleanup from sealants quick and easy, use a scraping tool and Release to remove cured sealants from fiberglass, wood, metal, and glass. Ideal for use on residue from decals, tapes, labels, and adhesives and is safe on most carpeted, vinyl, plastic and painted surfaces. Safely remove mildew stains on and around your boat with BoatLIFE's Mildew Remover spray. This one part formula is chlorine and acid-free, making it safe for fabrics while also helping to control odor.


LifeSeal Sealant is a unique combination of marine silicone and polyurethane, formulated especially for fiberglass. BoatLIFE LifeSeal This sealant provides a durable and permanent watertight seal for joints subject to structural movement. May be used above or below the waterline making it ideal for sealing decks to hulls, thru-hull fittings, vinyl ports, sealing/glazing windshields and bedding marine hardware. Adheres to a variety of surfaces and materials including: metal, glass, wood, Lexan, ABS and can be removed without damaging gel-coat. LifeSeal Sealant is not recommended for ferro cement hulls, impregnated wood or oil-soaked materials.

    Features include:
  • Fast-curing
  • Cures in presence of water
  • Low odor
  • High adhesion
  • Non-sagging
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-yellowing
  • Mildew resistant
  • Acid-free

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