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Lewmar marine products are focused on providing boaters with better control over their boats, with an emphasis on anchors, windlasses, hatches, and winches.

Lewmar anchor

Lewmar Anchors

Lewmar anchors are found on boats the world over. Choose from galvanised, stainless steel, dropped forged and fabricated anchors. Lewmar designs minimize dragging on sea beds. This combined with a low center of gravity and self-righting orientation assure fast setting.

Lewmar Windlasses

Horizontal Windlass

This new generation of windlasses and their H2 and H3 are designed specifically for 30 to 55 foot boats.

Lewmar windlass Vertical Windlass

The V series Windlass has a range of combined rope chain windlasses for bats from 33-77 feet. There have a stainless steel deck unit and chrome gypsy and drum to avoid corrosion.

C Series Capstan C Series Capstans windlasses feature effortless rope control using a footswitch/ They are made for up to 90 foot boats.

Lewmar Winch, Windlass & Anchor FAQ's

Can you add self-tailing jaws to a standard winch?
No, the standard winch centre stem is not capable of taking the self-tailing jaw mechanism. A self-tailing winch is taller than the equivalent standard winch.

What is the benefit of choosing a self-tailing winch?
Self-tailing winches enable one crew member to easily trim or raise sails. Self-tailing also removes the need to hold the sheet whilst winding the handle.

Lewmar winches

What gives the Lewmar winches that distinctive 'clicking' sound?
This sound is made by the spring loaded pawls engaging the drive tracks.

Can a manual winch be converted to a powered winch?
Yes, Lewmar winches size 40 to 65 can be updated to Electrics.

How is the size/number system worked out?
The winch size refers to the power ratio i.e. a Size 40 winch has a 40.2 : 1 power ratio. This means if you put 25kg/55lb of effort on the handle, the pull generated will be approximately 1005kg/2211lbs.

What makes the Lewmar Ocean winch easier to service than any of the competition?
A screw off top cap means that no tools are required to strip the winch. All Lewmar Ocean manual winches can be serviced above deck without having to unbolt the winch.

How many speeds does the electric winch have?
One speed electric drives provides adequate power and speed for winches up to Size 64. Size 66 and above have two speed electric drives. Line speed varies according to load.

How do Lewmar winches grip different line diameters?
Lewmar's self-tailing jaws incorporate our 'Wavespring' solution. This is where the jaws are held together by spring tension which self-adjusts to grip the size of the rope used.

Do all winches have the same size handle sockets?
Yes, after 1972 all winches and handles have the international standard sockets.

What winch handle is better, a plain or locking handle?
This depends upon how you use it. For racing or cruising locking handles are more secure and less likely to be knocked out of the winch and lost overboard. Plain handles are easy to insert and release and some racing crews prefer them as they are quicker to insert/remove.Can a Gypsy Only Deck Unit be converted to Gypsy Capstan Unit?
Yes, it is possible to convert any of the H2/3, Concept / Ocean 1/2/3 and V2/3/4/5 range deck units to, or from a Gypsy Capstan. The deck unit will have to be removed from the deck in order to change the main drive shaft.

Can I change the size of the chain on my boat?
Yes, Lewmar make a range of different size gypsies that will handle a wide range of good quality, calibrated chain. Check the rope/chain chart in the windlass section of the catalogue or your windlass manual for the correct rope/chain and gypsy match.

Can I use a combination rope chain rode on my boat?
Yes, All of Lewmar's High volume ranges of products take rope and chain in the gypsy. The gypsy's are design to take a range of chains and ropes without the need to remove the rope or chain from the gypsy during recovery. This means you can use a spliced rode effortlessly, reducing both weight and cost of the rode. Check the rope/chain chart in the windlass section of the catalogue or your windlass manual for the correct rope/chain and gypsy match.

Lewmar system

What type of rope can be used on a combined rope/chain anchor rode?
Lewmar recommends a premium quality, windlass grade, medium lay, 3-strand nylon rope or a premium multi-plait nylon anchor rode. There are many different rode applications based upon windlass, anchor size, rode length and the anchor locker's depth and volume.

Why do I need a drum on my windlass?
Lewmar's range of windlasses allows the drum to be operated separately from the gypsy (independent warping). Once the primary rode is secured, the clutch nut can be slackened off 1/2 inch a turn. Now when the windlass is operated, only the drum will turn. This means that you can use the drum when docking or for a secondary rope only rode.

Can I drop the anchor without having to power it down?
Yes, all Lewmar windlasses have a manual free fall function as standard. To free fall the anchor, you simply manually undo the top nut half a turn. This releases the gypsy allowing it to free wheel. You can control the speed or stop the descent by re-tightening the top nut. Some of the larger windlasses with brake bands fitted work slightly differently. Please consult the manual for free fall operation.

Can I get the anchor up if I lose power?
Most Lewmar windlasses have a manual recovery option however the method varies across the product ranges. Some Lewmar windlasses have built in manual recovery and others require an emergency manual recovery kit. Please consult your windlass manual for clarification.

Can I fit a chain counter to my windlass?
Yes. V700, V1/2/3/4 /5 & H2/3, come with magnet and sensor fitted as standard. In most cases older Lewmar windlasses are pre-drilled to take magnets and sensors.

Can I fit a chain counter to my Pro-series?
Due to the size and construction of the Pro-Series, it is not prepared for the installation of a chain counter. This does not stop the enthusiastic owner having ago but Lewmar cannot help with the installation or provide recommendations.

Can I use a wireless remote with my windlass?
Yes. Lewmar have recently added a 3 button windlass & 5 button windlass / thruster wireless remote to its range. These can be used on any windlass / thruster that is operated via a solenoid. The wireless remote is simply wired in parallel with the standard switch.

What if my windlass does not have a solenoid, can I still use a wireless remote?
Yes. But you would have to purchase and fit a solenoid & rocker switch. Some of the small Lewmar / Simpson & Lawrence products are supplier without a solenoid. These units have the windlass power switched directly through a high current toggle switch. The high current toggle switch should be removed and replaced with a solenoid & rocker switch. The wireless remote can then be wired to the solenoid in parallel with the rocker switch.

Lewmar mast winch

Should I use a chain stopper when anchoring?
Yes. Lewmar recommends that when mooring, the rode is attached to a suitable strong point. If using a rope / chain rode then the rope should be tied off to a cleat or suitable strong point. If using a chain only rode then a chain stopper should be used. If the load is left on the windlass during mooring, shock loads could lead to damage of rode or the windlass. With rope rodes left under load in the gypsy the rope can get jammed into the gypsy causing damage to the stripper & rode when next operated. There is also a risk that the clutch nut could come loose causing the boat to slip its mooring.

Some of the Lewmar windlasses have fall-safe. How do I use it, why do I need it?
Fall safe is a safety feature we have added to our new products. It is used in two ways. When the anchor is stowed, Fall-safe should be engaged to stop accidental deployment of the anchor. For windlasses not fitted with Fall-safe, an anchor safety strap or similar should be used. Fall-safe pawl should also be engaged during manual recovery to act as a ratchet.

Lewmar winches

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