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Aqualuma underwater lighting add stylish visual accents and quality LED underwater illumination for just about any boat. Durable LED lights are contained in corrosion proof high impact housings. With 3 year warranties, easy adjustment and replacement, minimal power consumption to conserve DC power, Aqualuma lighting can be found illuminating the waters around and under boats all over the world.

Aqualuma Underwater Lights

The Aqualuma LED Advantage

Aqualuma lighting utilizes LED technology, offering many benefits over traditional halogen or xenon bulbs. LEDs burn cooler, making them safer to the touch and they last longer than other bulbs because they are energy efficient, shock and vibration resistant and have no fragile filaments to worry about breaking.

Other benefits include:

  • A polycarbonate housing 250 times stronger than glass
  • Housing impact tested at a NATA test facility and tested to operate up to 1300 feet below sea level
  • DNV type approval, RINA type approval, featuring ABS (pda) protection and SAEJ1171 external ignition protection of marine devices
  • Expected operating life of over 50,000 hours
  • One of the only underwater lights able to operate out of water and when the boat is running at any speed
  • No start up delay or increased power usage from boat start up to normal run time
  • Ability to outperform 50 watt Halogen bulbs
  • Easier maintenance than Xenon bulbs
  • Extremely easy installation using sealant provided with purchase
  • Full two year warranty on all parts and products.

    Aqualuma Lighting Range

    The Original (3 Series)
    Nothing beats an original. The 3 Series set the standard for underwater lighting design. Built with a long lifespan in mind, each light is corrosion proof and features the injection molded polycarbonate housing that is now the signature of all Aqualuma lights.

    The Next Generation (6 Series)
    The 3 Series created such a buzz that the company decided to release a newer, larger 6 Series light with the same great corrosion resistance, strength and ease of use as the 3 Series but a configuration of 6 LEDs rather than the standard 3 allows these underwater lights to produce an ultra-bright beam of light.

    The First Of Its Kind (Tri-Colour)
    The worlds first Tri Colour line of LED underwater lights. These lights feature the solid construction of the 3 series and illuminating power of the 6 series lights with the additional option of choice between two colors in one housing. Operate one of the two colors, for a similar glowing ambiance to that of the 3 seres marine lights or employ both for the same light intensity produced by the 6 series. This is the first underwater light range to provide you with the option of color and light power you wish to use.

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