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McLube Marine

For over 50 years, McLube has been manufacturing high-technology mold releases and industrial lubricants. Their wide product range includes water and solvent-based release and anti-tack coating and a full line of oils, greases and dry film lubricants. McLube products have earned an international reputation for performance and expert problem solvers. For the marine industry McLube offers high-tech products designed to make everything that moves on a sailboat perform more efficiently and with less friction. These products bond to the surface like a paint, lasting a year or more even in the harshest environments. Designed to be dirt and water repellent to keep surfaces clean and friction free, these products offer the perfect solution for sails, rigging, hulls, sail tracks, genoa cars, batt cars, telltales, sliding hatch doors, and much more


McLube Sailkote Dry Lubricant

Sailkote is the high-tech, dry lubricant that makes sails, hulls, rigging, deck hardware, and anything that moves on your boat run smoother, work more efficiently, and last longer. Sailkote is the only dry lubricant (currently available) that has been specifically designed for marine use. This translucent liquid sprays or wipes on and completely dries in seconds. Sailkote is typically five times as effective and last much longer than wax, oil, silicone, or Teflon based lubricants and unlike those products it won't attract dirt, water or other contaminants that eventually degrade lubrication performance.

McLube Sailkote can be used anywhere there is friction, while it is particularly suited for the marine environment, it words equally well in non-marine settings, from the workshop to the ski slopes.

  • Air hockey and other tabletop games
  • Fishing reel components and fly fishing line
  • Golf club heads for rough lies
  • Sports bag zippers
  • Gun cleaning (prevent buildup)
  • Bike chains and cables
  • Rollerblade and skate ball bearings
  • Ski and snowboard waxed surfaces and topsides
  • Sleds and other snow play items
Also suited for a variety of uses in the workshop
  • Drill bits
  • Garage door opener chains
  • Knife blades and other cutting tools
  • Lawn mowers
  • Seed and fertilizer dispensers
  • Moving parts on beach and lawn chairs
  • Storm window frames and tracks
  • Woodworking tools


Hullkote combine the world renowned McLube proprietarty formulation of out bonded PTFE suspension system with a revolutionary citrus-based, long lasting high gloss hull polish. Formulated using the same active ingredient suspension as Sailkote so it offers the same durable chemical bond. This polish provides superior UV protection for your hull and spars from the suns damaging rays. McLube Hullkote Hull Polish Applies in half the time of stand petroleum based polishes and lasts more than one full year above the waterline and more than 20 days of hard use below the water line (2-3 coats will increase performance and durability to more than 30 days below the waterline). This hydrophobic polish is ideally suited to the marine industry due to its ability to repel water, dirt, salt, grim, oil deposits, etc.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long-lasting high gloss shine
  • UV protection
  • Safe to use
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Hydrophobic

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