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Bearing Buddy Trailer Hub

The Bearing Buddy trailer hub is designed to seal out water and dirt. Steel hub with triple chrome plating is sure to prevent corrosion and premature wear of boat trailer axle and wheel hub components, allowing for worry-free launching, loading, and towing of boats for the length of your trailer's life.

Bearing Buddy Hub

Preventing Trailer Hub Wear

Trailering causes hubs to heat up. When the trailer is submerged during boat launching, the water cools the hub suddenly, creating a vacuum that draws water into the hub through the rear seals. The Bearing Buddy eliminates repacking and prevents wheel bearing failure, so boat trailer wheels can be completely submerged without worry.

As opposed to oil bath hubs, Bearing Buddies allow you to check the amount of grease inside the hub easily. Their internal spring piston exerts pressure against the grease, preventing water from entering the hub when it is submerged. This saves time in comparison to a traditional oil bath hub, which must be checked after every loading and unloading session to ensure no water has gotten in and diluted the oil. When water gets into the hub or oil escapes, the speed of bearing failure is significantly. This can occur within just a few miles of towing!

How Does The Bearing Buddy Hub Work?

Bearing Buddy Hub

When the axle hub fills with grease to a certain point, the grease forces the piston outward. The piston then exerts pressure against the grease, maintaining a level of pressure between the inside of the hub and outside environment, to prevent water from entering the hub when the trailer is submerged during boat launching or loading.

There is no worry of the hub over-filling or over pressurizing because each Bearing Buddy features an auto pressure relief design to protect the hub inner seals. Grease levels can be checked simply by pressing on the edge of the piston. If the piston rocks or moves this means the hub is filled. When grease levels are low, more can be easily added through the grease fitting located on the center of the piston.

What Is The Bearing Buddy Bra? Bearing Buddy Bra

It is not uncommon for trailer axle hubs to be overfilled or over packed with grease. Bearing Buddy Bras are vinyl covers designed to fit tightly over the hub to trap in excess grease. This prevents overflow and protects boat trailer tires and wheels by eliminating excess grease from flying around and making a huge mess on your trailer or boat.

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