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Preval Spray Gun


The paint sprayer for every color under the sun.

The Preval Spray Gun is quick, easy, and will save time and effort. For a missed spot or quick job, the Preval Spray Gun turns paint into a fine, even mist. Use on cars, boats, in the office, garden, factory, this spray gun can spray all kinds of liquid solutions including paint, lacquer, solvents, stains, oils, cleaners, insecticides, fertilizer, disinfectants, and water.

Preval sprayer

Why Use the Preval Spray Gun?

Preval is a big time saver for small paint jobs. No need to match color swatches on pre-filled spray cans. With the Preval Spray Gun use the original paint or stain to get perfect matching color. The spray gun is light, and easy to use. To double productivity use a different jar for each job by inserting the power tube into the spray gun and the new liquid is ready to be sprayed.

About the Preval Spray Gun

This is a versatile spray applicator that can be used with all kinds of liquids. Every Spray Gun comes with a refillable container jar that can hold up to 16 oz. of liquid, depending on the viscosity. The power units are disposable, when depleted replace with a new power unit.

The Preval Spray Gun can be used for various activities, such as watering plants, cleaning counter tops, and washing windows. You don't have to squeeze a handle, instead just touch a button and it sprays automatically. Changing the liquid in the bottle is hassle free and takes little time to do. The bottles come with a cap so that the liquid stays fresh.

Marine Uses for the Preval Spray Gun

This applicator can be used to spray epoxy and gel coat. It can spray solvents to clean grime off of boat. Also, great for the interiors because it can be filled with cleaners that can be used on both leather and plastic. The containers can be kept aside and placed in the applicator when needed so for small paint touch ups and cleanups, the spray gun just needs to be loaded with the container that is needed and is ready for the job. The Preval Spray Gun makes jobs, fast, safe, easy, and since containers come with caps small amounts of liquids can be used with no waste.

How to Use

1. Add liquid of choice to container jar. If using paint, thin according to manufacturer's directions.

2. Screw power unit onto Preval container jar. If you only need to spray a small amount, any container will do. Just insert dip tube into liquid and spray.

3. Keep power unit upright when spraying; do not tip more than 45 degrees. For best results, keep power unit in continual motion while spraying. After use, jars can be cleaned in soap and water, or even put in dishwasher.

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