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Walker Bay Boats

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Walker Bay

Walker Bay BoatFor over ten years, Walker Bay has been redefining fun on the water and have won dozens of awards for product innovation and design. They are a world leader in recreational water products by manufacturing safe, easy-to-use, innovative products with flexible options. By combing functional innovation, advanced engineering and diligent attention to detail, Walker Bay creates products that make life on the water easy and fun. What sets Walker Bay apart from the rest of the marine industry is their state-of-the-art technology and superior construction. They offer the virtually indestructible injection molded hull of the Rigid Dinghy and Genesis RIB, to the AirWeb high-pressure construction of the Airis Kayak and AirDock, to the replaceable tube design of the RID and Genesis, all products are built, not to meet a market standard, but to surpass it.



These Rigid Dinghies by Walker Bay are a fun, practical boat that is lightweight, easy to handle, expertly engineered and requires no maintenance other than simple cleaning. With a virtually indestructible HIMC hull, Walker Bay boats are perfect for boating with family, a day of fishing or loading up as a tender. These rigid dinghies are suited for use with Walker Bay's sail boat kits.

Walker Bay SailboatSail Boat Kits

Sail kits can be used to add to you Rigid Dinghy to create an exciting and versatile sailboat. These kits come complete with everything you'll need, including lines, hardware and components needed to get your boat out on the water in just minutes. Inspired by the leading edge in international sailboat design, these boats have an efficient hull that glides along in light breezes while the moderate sail plan provides control for heavier winds.

Inflatable Tube Dinghy Kit

Walker Bay's Rigid Inflatable Dinghy (RID) combines the best features of a reliable hard-shell dinghy with the stability and utility of an inflatable. It is ideal for those who want the versatility, durability, cockpit space and lightweight, innovative features of the Walker Bay Rigid Dinghy but need the stability, greater capacity and horsepower rating that the 4 chamber tube provides. The Variable Profile Design (VPD) tube is unique to Walker Bay and engages with the water only when required. Row, motor, sail or tow the RID does it all, while adding safety and stability to the experience.

Mooring Cover

The Walker Bay Mooring Cover is designed to protect and keep boats clean and dry while docked or moored.


Walker Bay Rigid DinghyWhat type of boat is the Rigid Dinghy
The Walker Bay Rigid Dinghy, available in 8ft or 10ft, is a one-piece (mono-hull) boat and features a lapstrake hull design, which is excellent for rowing, sailing and motoring at harbor speeds.

I have left my boat in storage for the winter, and it is off center. How do I fix this?
Walker Bay boats are injection molded, so they will always return to the factory shape after being left in the sun.

What are the boats made of?
Rigid Dinghies are formed from a polypropylene composite resin in a high-pressure injection molding process. This creates a seamless, durable hull that is impact resistant and UV protected.

I have damaged my boat, how would I fix it?
It is very unlikely that you will damage your Walker Bay Rigid Dinghy. However, if this occurs, "bumper repair" can be done at your local auto-body shop.

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