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Edson Marine is a company rich in history that has been operating for 150 years under the core values of honesty, integrity, innovation and passion. These values as well as their commitment to customer service have allowed Edson to become one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in the country. The company was established in 1859 by Jacob Edson, the inventor of the diaphragm pump, to manufacture specialty hardware for commercial marine vessels. Edson was present at the first ever New York Boat Show in 1904, exhibiting their steering systems and pumps. Their quality products have been used to outfit ships in both World Wars and their new sailboat cockpit designs and accessories lead them to be at the forefront of the cockpit living era, which began in the 1960s.

Today their catalog consists of hundreds of products including; sailboat steering systems and wheels, powerboat wheels, NavCom towers and mounts marine pumps, marine pumpout systems and other various boating accessories.

Historical Steering

Edson Steering

In 1902 Edson produced its first steering system, for Kaiser Wilheim to be used on his 161 foot yacht the Meteor, which he raced against King George's yacht, Britannia in the Americas Cup race. Since then, their systems have continued to impress. It was an Edson Steering System that was installed in the worlds first fiberglass sailboat, the 40 foot Bounty, introduced at the 1959 New York Boat Show. Their renowned steering systems paved the way for their highly innovative steering pedestals like the like their Angled Pedestal Guard Kit. Edson steering pedestals lead the pack when it comes to small sailboat steering.

Their steering wheels are no exception to this high level of quality and innovation either. In 2006 Edson released their new, reinvented Power Wheel design, featuring cockpit access and the Comfort Grip PowerKnob.

Boat Cockpit Accessories

Edsons wide variety of cockpit accessories made the company a leader in the cockpit living era. From their fold down luncheon tables, to their stainless steel, teak and plastic cup holders,Edson provides all the necessities for you to man the wheel and entertain simultaneously. Steering the boat no longer has to be a solo affair.
Cockpit Table

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