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Davis Instruments

For over 30 years, Davis Instruments has prided themselves on developing innovative products for the weather, marine, and automotive uses. Davis Instruments offers a full line of marine and boating tools and accessories suited for sailors, power boaters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Davis Marine Products

Wind Indicators

  • Spar Fly Wind Indicator: This masthead wind indicator is bright red for visibility, the needle-bearing balance provides unsurpassed sensitivity.
  • Newport Tell Tale Wind Indicator: Newport Tell-Tales attach to shrouds without tools, and give excellent service in both light and heavy winds.
  • Black Max Wind Direction Indicators: Quickly attaches to masts and booms on most small sailboats, including Lasers and Sunfish.
  • Davis Instruments Windex 10 Sport Wind Indicator
  • Windex Masthead Wind Indicators: All these indicators are designed with sapphire-jewel bearings and are the standard of excellence around the world.
    • Davis Windex AV: This indicator is capable of mounting to most whip antennas.
    • Windex 10 Sport Wind Indicator: Designed for use on small boat and dinghies.
    • Windex 15 Wind Indicator: This indicator was designed for cruising and racing boats 15 feet (4.6 meters) and bigger.
    • Wind-Tels Indicator Set: The port and starboard-colored vanes in this set attach to shrouds of all sizes and are even effective in the lightest of winds.

Comfort & Storage

Davis Instruments Key Buoy
  • Sticky Pockets & Bags: feature super-strong suction cups. Available in four sizes to hold keys, sunscreen, ropes, dive gear and much more.
  • Deckhand Boating Pouch: this pouch attaches to rails or lifelines conveniently and securely to hold sunscreen, keys, tools and more.
  • Key Buoy: this is the ultimate key ring for boaters, when keys fall in the water the Key Buoy's self-inflating key ring opens up, releasing an air tube which inflates automatically.
  • Aqua Lather: This body gel and shampoo works in all kinds of water, including salt and fresh, to leave hair and skin clean and fresh.


Davis Instruments Rigging Knife
  • Cable Covers: These cover help to protect sails and sheets from chafing, keeping them clean, and preventing wear.
  • Rigging Knives: These knives combine dura-edged blades with marlin spikes, shackle keys, and screwdrivers.
  • Turnbuckle Boots: Prevents sails and sheets from catching and allow for easy inspection, adjustment, and lubrication.

Docking & Fishing

  • Boat Hooks: boat hooks are invaluable for launching or docking,Davis Instruments Chafe Guard their threaded ends accept deck mops or brushes for maintenance chores
  • Chafe Guards: prevent chafing of lines while at the dock, at anchor, or on a mooring with either a permanent or removable style chafe guard
  • Fender Tenders: attach fender tenders to rails, lifelines, side windows, or cleats to simplify the hand line and relocation of boat fenders

Motors & Steering

  • Doel-Fin: These hydrofoil stabilizer fins improve performance on boats with outboard motors or outdrive units.
  • Davis Instruments Tiller-Tamer
  • Cable Buddy: This steering cable lubrication system virtually eliminates wear in the inner cable, which is where most problems occur.
  • Tiller-Tamer: This tiller stabilizer and lock maintains cruising course with no hands, in any weather or wind condition.
  • Motor Caddy: This outboard hoisting harness makes lifting and moving cumbersome motors safer and simpler.

Quick Reference Cards

Davis Instruments Quick Reference Cards
The Quick Ref Cards by Davis Instruments offer a wealth of information in a handy, colorful, and easy-to-understand format, constructed from a durable, 3-hole punched, weatherproof, high-strength plastic.
  • Coastwise Piloting: Covers dead reckoning, compass readings, distance off, current and leeway corrections, and much more.
  • Navigation Rules: Covers the U.S. buoyage system, inland and international rules, right of way, lights, and sound signals.


Davis Instruments Mega Light Utility
Davis Instruments offers a variety of energy efficient lights suited for a wide range of applications.
  • Windex Light
  • Mega Masthead Light
  • Mega Utility Light


  • Deck Mops and Brushes: Designed for maintenance chores and feature threaded ends for use with boat hooks.
  • Davis Instruments FSR Fiberglass Stain Remover
  • Slick Seam: This caulking compound works underwater and adheres to most solid surfaces and stays put no matter what.
  • Universal Deck Plate Key: Suited to fit all deck plate caps and also includes shackle key, screwdriver, and bottle opener.
  • FSR Fiberglass Stain Remover: This stain remover is ideal for removing oil, rust, exhaust, waterline, and transom stains from fiberglass surfaces.


Davis Instruments Emergency Radar Reflector
  • Telescoping Boat Paddles: These telescoping boat paddles are bright orange for visibility.
  • Emergency Radar Reflector: Helps to let other ships see you in low-visibility conditions.

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