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Caviness Paddles And Oars


Founded in the 1940s, Caviness is a family owned and operated company that has been working over the past 50 years to become the worlds largest and leading manufacturer of paddles and oars for canoeing, kayaking and white water rafting.

caviness paddles

Outstanding Canoe and Kayak Paddles

Cavpro Paddles

After years of design research, Caviness has introduced its newest line of professional grade canoe and kayak paddles. Cavpro paddles feature the newest and most desired design and manufacturing technologies, from their glass filled asymmetrical spoon blades to their ultra smooth glass filled nylon ferrules. Paddles are offered in nine different series, all containing various resin tip configurations for strong, long lasting paddle blade protection. With varying shaft sizes and blade face widths Cavpro paddles are ideal for providing comfort, confidence and control for just about any paddle sports application.

Cavpro KPA
Unlike the other Cavpro paddle lines, the Cavpro KPA Kayak Paddle is constructed from a reinforced nylon material, rather than wood. The ferrule allows the paddle to be taken down for storage, can be adjusted up to 60 degrees left or right for maximum control and features grooves along it to help prevent the build up of sand and debris, providing a tight, trouble free fit. The shaft of each paddle is constructed of vinyl wrapped, black, anodized aluminum and is ovalized at the normal hand position for maximum operating comfort.

KR Series Kayak Paddles

Available in five stand out colors, the KR series paddle from Caviness features a black plastic covered aluminum shaft that can be taken apart for easy storage but secured tightly into a fully extended position for use. These kayak paddles can be adjusted so the blades run parallel or rotated 90 degrees. Its like you get two paddles for the price of one!

g series Wooden Paddles

Caviness produces a wide variety of wooden paddles for canoeing and kayaking. Their 800 series are lightweight but feature a multi-ply laminated shaft for strength and durability. They also feature a low cavity blade, wedge inserts and oval shaft and palm grips for user comfort. Fairly priced, making them the finest and most affordable wooden paddles on the market. The BTS series is a favorite among traditional canoeist because of its classic one piece design and the RD series features the Caviness Wedge Insert that is normally applied to only the most expensive paddles. This unique insert process adds strength to the butt of each paddle. For an economy paddle the R Series is the way to go. It is affordably priced without lacking the great features expected from all Caviness paddles and oars. Caviness also offers a black painted oar in the G and GP series for a modern twist on their traditional wooden paddle and oar design.

Caviness Oars

Caviness Oars Several styles of Caviness boat oars are available, all economically priced and designed to meet a variety of functions. Their BW-SU Series oars are the best priced option, they allow for even distribution of flex load, for problem free, easy use. Two styles of basswood constructed oars are offered the BW Series, which has been a number one seller of Caviness for over four decades and the 100J Series, which features the patented Caviness red power grip and a convenient storable design. Simply press down the 100J oars spring loaded lock button, turn the shaft and pull the oar apart into two pieces to stow away in tight storage areas, then simply snap the button back in place and secure for use. Its as simple as that. For a uniquely modern look Caviness offers the G series oar, which features the lightweight, strong design that is standard of all Caviness oars and paddles but is painted black for a sharp design effect. A line of synthetic oars, the O1000 Series is also offered. This series features the patented red Caviness power grip, a plastic coated aluminum shaft and aluminum reinforced high impact yellow plastic blade. It is practically maintenance free!

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