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Forespar Marine

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Forespar Marine

Since 1966, Forespar has been building innovative products for the marine industry to make sailing and boating easier, safer and more fun. They offer a complete and extensive line of marine products suited for sailing and powerboating, including spinnaker or whisker poles made of aluminum, carbon fiber or composite materials, Leisure Furl in-boom mainsail furling systems, Marelon corrosion free marine plumbing parts, boom vangs, sail handling hardware, davit systems, safety equipments and many other boating accessories.


LanoCote is a safe and natural product that stops and prevents rust, oxidation and electrolysis. Working on 5 basic principles Lanocote prevents dissimilar metal galvanization:
    Forespar Marine Lanocote 1. displaces water
    2. absorbs corrosion
    3. form moisture barrier
    4. penetrates
    5. high lubricity
Lanocote is also extremely effective in preventing and stopping corrosion on all types of metals under all environment conditions is specially formulated to withstand salt water marine conditions and is particularly useful in preventing thread seizure due to all types of corrosion on boats and machinery. When applied during assembly this product will greatly assist in easy dismantling years later. Also combats galvanization where dissimilar metals are fastened together, such as stainless steel fitting on alloy masts etc.
Apply Lanocote on turnbuckle and shackle threads to prevent galling and on your plumbing system valves to keep them operating smoothly.

Marelon Marine Plumbing

Forespar Marelon Series 93 LockingMarelon is a proprietary formulation of polymar composite compounds using composite reinforced polymer and additives to produce a superior marine-grade product. Forespar offers a complete line of Marelon marine-grade seacocks, valves, thru hulls and related fittings. The Marelon plumbing system has provided unmatched reliability to marine chandleries, boat yards and the world's leading boat builders for over 30 years. Marelon is strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant, approved for use both above and below waterline, as well Marelon products have consistently met and exceeded the world's toughest standards for the recreational boating market.

Spinnaker Poles

Forespar offers a complete line of spinnaker poles with eight complete end styles to create a multitude of combination's to fit the needs of all sailors - racers or cruiser. The length of your spinnaker pole is determined by the yachts "J" measurement, which is roughly the straight line distance from the front of the mast at deck level to the headstay.

Tiller Extensions

  • Twist-Lock Tiller Extensions:
    These telescoping models offer a choice of three excellent fastening devices:
    • TFP - Quick Release: This long time favorite among serious sailors around the world can be instantly fastened to the tiller by simply depressing the plunger and inserting the detent pin into the special tubular fitting supplied. With another easy push on the plunger the hiking stick is released from the tiller. Stow it or take it home with you, it's fast, simple and secure.
    • Forespar Marine Tiller Extension
    • SF - Sta-Fast: The patented Sta-Fast end fitting design holds the tiller extension exactly where you leave it, no more sliding down out of reach.

    • SL - Speed-Lock (the new composite universal)
  • Ball End & Golf Grip Swivel Stick:Forespar Marine Ball End & Golf Grip Swivel Stick
    This economical fixed length tiller extension features the removable Speed Lock (SL) rubber universal end fitting mounted on rugged 5/8" diameter black anodized aluminum tubing with rubber Ball End or Golf Grip style handle. Designed for the small boat sailor (up to 22' maximum).
    • Universal-Lock Universal End (SL): The unique Speed-Lock end allows for a full 360° of rotation (twist) without binding or failure. It is quickly and easily removed from the tiller by simply depressing the "button" in the base plate and sliding the end out. The base plate is a polymer material for maximum longevity and the universal can be easily unscrewed from the tiller handle and replaced with simple hand tools, if replacement ever becomes necessary.

    Marine Safety Equipment

    Forespar Marine Personal Strobe Rescue Light Forespar's Personal Rescue Light should be an essential part of every yachtsman's safety gear. Meets the U.S.C.G. 161.012 when approved by an alkaline "C" battery, replaced annually. This light is waterproof up to 120 feet and has a Velcro strap for attachment to upper arm or safety harness.

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