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Groco Marine

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Groco Marine

Groco is a third-generation manufacturer of top-quality marine, industrial and automotive hardware, founded on the principles of innovative design and sound construction the goal of Groco is to meet the standards of their customers who demand something a cut above the rest.


Groco offers a wide range of products suited to the marine industry, including:

  • Water Pressure Systems Groco Water Pressure Systems
    Groco offers a complete line of water pressure systems for large and mid-size yachts, as well as parallel pressure systems, dry tank protection and pressure storage tanks.

  • Pumps & Accessories
      • Positive Displacement Rotary Pumps
      • Oil Change Kits - U-LUBE GHS and GHS-N Utility, Deck Wash, and Oil Change Kits. Reversing and Non-Reversing: for water and oil. Groco Centrifugals Pumps
      • Centrifugals Pumps - These pumps run silently and are easy to service and operate, they provide years of trouble-free service without having to service filters or check valves.
      • Rotary Pumps and Pump Kits
      • Deck Wash Kits
      • Switches, Timers and Accessories
          -Baitwell Pumps Cycle
          -Bilge Pump Switch
          -Saltwater Spray Nozzle
  • Valves & Seacocks Groco offers a complete line of seacocks and ballvalves to suit all of your marine industry needs. Groco Special Purpose Valves
      • Full-Flow Flanged Seacocks
      • Safety Seacocks
      • Full-Flow In-Line Ball Valves
      • Ball-Valve / Strainer Combination
      • Special Purpose Valves
      • Engine Flush Kit & Safety Seacock Conversion
      • Bilge Strainer & Adaptor
  • Raw Water Strainers
    Groco offers Raw Water Strainers for a range of engine sizes including, standard, high-capacity and large engine. Within the variety of sizes offered they also specialize in different styles to suit each individual purpose.
      • In-Line Strainers Groco In-Line Strainers
      • Seacock Strainer Combo Pump Inlet Strainers
      • Duplex Strainers
      • Hydromatic Self-Cleaning Strainers
      • Hull Strainers with Access Doors - Provides access to the thru-hull fitting and seacock beneath Groco hull strainers using the patented access door design.
      • Slotted Strainers
      • Bilge Strainer and Adaptor
      • Flange Adaptor and Spanner Wrench
  • Fittings: Bronze, Aluminum & Stainless Steel
    Pumps and engines run quieter and more efficiently when there is an unrestricted flow of water provided by full-flow fittings and hoses. Since many installation require that the fittings be sized to a particular hose ID that is already in place Groco offers high quality bronze fitting for either instance. Groco Marine Fittings
      • Thru-hull fittings (Stainless steel and Bronze)
      • Special purpose thru-hull fittings (Bronze)
      • RWM Series - Raw Water Manifolds
      • NPS Straight Threaded Tail Pieces & Drain Manifolds
  • Oil Coolers
    Groco Oil CoolerGroco has been manufacturing marine and industrial heat exchangers since the 1930's for the most demanding of customers (military, marine, and industrial). Constructed from cast bronze, their universal mounting allows the body to be rotated to simplify plumbing, making these the finest heat exchangers available. As well Groco offers fuel filters and replacements for their coolers.

  • Toilets
    Groco offers a line of toilet and sanitation products, including a compact marine toilet that is ideal for tight quarters and boats using holding tanks. As well as a macerator pump that makes pump-outs of holding tanks faster and easier, it is designed to be completely submerged.

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