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Hyde Painting Tools

Hyde Brand Image

Hyde Painting Tools

Founded by Isaac Hyde back in 1875, Hyde Manufacturing first began manufacturing and specializing in mill blades. Today the company manufactures over 2,000 products mostly geared towards surface preparation hand tools for drywall, painting, and plumbing professionals including, industrial knives, scrapers, and trowels.



  • Blade Scrapers
  • Paint Scrapers
  • Edge Scraper
  • Heavy-Duty Bent Chisel Scraper Hyde 5-in-1 Painter's Tool Scraper
  • Glass Scraper
  • Pole Scraper
  • 5-in-1 Painters Tool Scraper - This is an indispensable scraper that removes paint from rollers with its half-round cutout. It spreads glue, putty, paint etc. and the sharp point can be used to spread cracks for patching.


  • Putty Knives
  • MaxxGrip Top Slide Utility Knife - The ergonomical design and the soft-grip handles of these knives help to reduce fatigue and absorb shock.

Pry-Zum Prying Tool

Used to pry off moldings, open boxes, scrape surfaces and pull out nails.

Drywall Hand Sander Pad

Hyde Drywall Hand Sander Pad This sanding backup pad is designed for use with drywall joints, features an aluminum backed neoprene sanding pad and a comfortable rubber grip to help with fatigue.

Crack Opener

The crack opener tools by Hyde are used to clean and open cracks for patching, and each features a carbon steel blade, hardwood hand and placed metal ferrule. Hyde Mustang Mixer

Mustang Mixer

These mixers are suited to be used with electric drills and can be used to mix paint, stain, wall texture and other types of fluids. With their multi-vane design it allows for fast mixing and easy clean up, as well its tt's polypropylene impellers will not damage buckets.


Ideal for removing scale, dirt, rust and general surface preparation these brushes can also clean tools, files, small engine parts and copper tubing. Great for reaching hard to reach corners.

Steel Scissors

The euro-engineered handles are designed to fit both right and left hands and the stainless steel blade hold a sharp edge and resist corrosion.

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