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Moeller Marine


Moeller Fuel Tanks

Moeller is a plastics leader in the marine industry. They have created breakthrough changes in the creation of rotational and blow molded fuel tanks. Their polyethylene constructed tanks are corrosion resistant, offered in a variety of sizes and feature exclusive fill spout, withdraw and vent fittings molded into their shells.


Moeller Flo n Go

The ergonomically designed, Flo n Go fuel tanks from Moeller are built from highly durable polyethylene and can be used with gasoline, diesel or kerosene fuels. Each tank comes complete with patented Flo n Go hand pump and holder, heavy duty top handle and dual mechanical shut off valves for spill proof use. Transport the tank easily using the sturdy, six inch wheels that make maneuvering a breeze. The ten foot hose can be easily coiled around the tank bolt hanger so there is no worry of it getting tangled or caught during transport. All Moeller Flo n Go tanks are built to meet D.O.T. and UN transportation requirements.

Moeller Marine Below Deck Permanent Fuel Tank

These fuel tanks, designed permanent below deck installation are superior to conventional metal below deck fuel tanks because they are constructed from a flexible but strong polyethylene plastic. This material is corrosion and pit resistant and can be formed into complex shapes, creating tanks that can be installed just about anywhere below deck. The plastic is also no permeable and their large machined aluminum fill spouts and fittings are fully molded into the shell preventing fumes from leaking out from the tank and into your boat interior. All Moeller Permanent Fuel Tanks are designed to meet ABYC, NMMA and USCG regulations.

Moeller Topside Fuel Tanks

Moeller offers a variety of sized topside fuel tanks ranging from 3 to 12 gallons. Each tank features a mechanically vented cap for easy gripping and proper ventilation as well as an original rib design that makes it lightweight, allowing it to float if it were to fall or be dropped in the water. Every Moeller Topside Fuel Tank is corrosion resistant and built to meet ABYC standards.

Moeller DinghyMate

Designed specifically for use on inflatables and dinghies, Moeller DinghyMate fuel tanks can be easily mounted to the boat transom or under the outboard motor. Each is constructed from a lightweight but strong cross-linked polyethylene that is corrosion and pit resistant. These tanks, ranging from 3 to 6 gallon sizes are ISO and CSA certified and approved for use in Japan, Austrailia and New Zealand.

Moeller Fuel Gauge

Conveniently keep track of the fuel level on your boat with a moeller dash mount fuel gauge. The gauge is easy to read, displaying the fuel tank level in quarter tank increments, with a backlit design for night readability. This fuel gauge, ideal for use with Moeller Portable Fuel Tanks is sure to help keep you from accidentally running out of gas when out on the water.

Moeller Jerry Cans

Moeller 5 gallon jerry cans are a safe, spill proof way to transport water, gas, diesel and kerosene fuels. Their CARB fueling system causes the shut off spout to close automatically when the tank reaches capacity, preventing any overflow. Each can includes the added safety feature of child resistant closures and is constructed to comply with California emissions regulations, some of the most stringent regulations.

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