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Prisma Composite Preforms

Prisma Composite Preforms Brand Image

Prisma Composite Preforms

Prisma Composite Preforms were first introduced and sold in 1992, they were custom-built stringers and bulkheads used for recreational water craft. Since 1992, several hundred thousand boats, and many other end item products, have been produced using Prisma products. Their products compete as a lower cost alternative to fiberglass grid and wood systems and boat builders have recognized many benefits, including:

  • Manufacturing space no longer needed for grid manufacturing
  • Grid mold and maintenance are eliminated
  • Structural adhesives or putty are eliminated
  • Installation time is faster than grids and is typically around 20-30 minutes
  • Primary resin bonds can be achieved due to this fast installation time

Prisma Technology

Prisma Preforms are lightweight structural components when properly laminated into fiberglass composite structures, they are manufactured from high quality fiberglass knit fabrics and 2 pcf (nominal) flotation grade polyurethane foam. The patented technology behind Prisma products allow for maximum foam contribution by creating a toughened interface between fiberglass and foam. Some of the benefits of Prisma composite preforms:
  • Support vertical compression and buckling loads
  • Support dynamic loads and improves structural integrity
  • Provide superior bonding

Prisma Beam Anatomy

Installation of Prisma beams

    1. Wet out underside of Prisma beams.
    2. Position beams
    3. Wet out topside of beams and roll tabs

Prisma Products

Prisma holds many patents for their preform technology and manufacturing process, and have also introduced many new products and line extenstions. Some of these offerings include:

Prisma Custom Preforms

  • Beams
    Suggested Applications: Stringers, Fuel Tank Supports, Large Fiberglass Structures, Panel Size, Reduction in Hulls

  • Lumber
    Suggested Applications: Structural Members, Long Span Stiffening, Stringers

  • Fillets
    Suggested Applications: Reinforcing Stake Fillers & Hull Side-to-Bottom Strengthening, Corner Stiffeners

  • Planks
    Suggested Applications: Core Replacement, Hull Side Stiffening, Hatch & Swim Platform Reinforcement
    Prisma also offers an additional line of planks featuring a carbon fiber reinforcement for enhanced stiffness.

  • Bulkhead panels
    Suggested Applications: Easily Patterned and Cut for Bulkheads,Wings, Insulated Fish Boxes, and Compartments

  • Hull stiffeners
    Suggested Applications: Localized Hull and Deck Stiffening

  • Stringer beams
    These stringers feature a built-in deadrise converter

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