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Charles Industries

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Charles Marine

Charles Marine offers a full line of electrical power systems and components for recreational boating, work boat, and industrial applications. Their lines include battery chargers, power inverters, and other electronics that ensure solid power every time.

HQ Series

This rugged battery charger also offers a power supply all in one. Includes separate volmeter and ammeters as well as LED indicator pilot lamp. Features multi-bank and multi-stage battery charging abilities and temperature compensation. Thermal, over-current, ignition and reverse-polarity protected.

Dual Pro Series 1 Charger

These Pro Series chargers have become known as the safest, most reliable, and highest performing battery chargers in the marine industry. They are 15 amp water proof dual pro chargers and designed for "Rapid Recovery Time", allowing the battery to be charged quickly between launches, frequent starts and stops as well as heavy trolling motor use.

Charles SE Pro ChargersSE Series Dual Pro Chargers

These Sportsman Edition Pro Chargers were designed to be tough and durable enough to withstand intense vibration, extreme temperature variations and submersion without damaging the unit.

Battery Isolaters

Charles battery isolators feature a heat chamber design, protective boots on heavy-duty 5/16" battery and alternator studs, corrosion-resistant casings and are compact and easy to install. These isolators are ignition protected and prevent over-charging.

InCharger Programmable Chargers

Charles InCharger Specifically designed to perform in the most demanding environments, this charger is a one-stop purchasing decision for industrial customers with its universal AC input and configuration for Gel, Flooded Lead Acid, AGM or NiCAD batteries with 12 or 24 VDC selectable output. This charger is easily customizable to any application by programming selections on the unit's bright, fully digital touch-screen display. Store unique parameters with the Smart Memory Button for easy setup and tailored operation of the charger.

Power Inverters

The inverters and chargers provide access to AC power wherever and whenever it is desired. While inverters are similar to generators by delivering portable AC power to appliances, stereos, computers and other Charles Power Inverters electronics on land, see or air, they are much safer. Inverters have no fumes or moving parts, they are quieter, cleaner, lighter and easier to maintain than generators. Electronically convert 12 or 24 volt DC power from a battery into 120 volt AC electric power.

  • Tru-Sinewave AC Power - Ideal for moderate to light duty applications, including supplying power to sensitive electronics equipment.
  • Intelligent Tru-Sinewave AC Power - These rugged units feature a robust design and deliver the most power at the peak of the sine wave, allowing motors to start easier, run faster and operate cooler and more efficiently.
  • Quasi-Sinewave AC Power - Deliver tightly regulated, efficient AC power for the most sensitive to the most severe and demanding applications. Offer optional battery charging with automatic transfer switch, remote and versatile mounting.

    Determining the appropriate size for you inverter.

    In order to choose an inverter the proper size, add together the total wattage of the equipment to which you will need to supply power, and then choose an inverter sized at or above the required wattage.

    5000 SP C-Charger (12 or 24 Volt, both in a range of AMPs)

    Charles 5000 SP Charger This is the best choice for high-performance Marine UL listed products, it is built to last with high-quality components and a corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum housing. With the battery selector switch you are able to charge either lead acid, gel, or AGM batteries.
    • Multi-step charging restores up to 3 individual battery banks at once
    • Temperature compensation automatically adjusts output to precisely charge batteries according to ambient conditions

    2000 SP C-Charger (12 Volt in a range of AMPs)

    Charles 2000 SP Charger Excellent for a value priced, high performance DC charger. Allows you to charge Lead Acid, GEL or AGM batteries with a battery type selector switch and uses a 3-stage charging to deliver the greatest charge when the battery is most able to accept it (to prevent overcharging and to extend battery life).
    • Acts as power supply
    • Ignition and reverse-polarity protected
    • Easy-to-read DC ammeter
    • Corrosion-resistant components and housing
    • Heavy-duty heat sink design
    • Easy mounting


    What are the proper AC and DC fuse size for my Battery Charger?
    The AC fuse is equivalent tot he AC AMPs rating on the label located on the right side of the unit. The DC fuse is equivalent to approx. 120% the rated output of the Battery Charger (or the next STD fuse size up) preferably a DC Slow Acting Fuse.

    What size AC input breaker do I need for my Battery Charger?
    The AC minimum AC breaker size is equivalent to the AC AMPs rating on the label located on the right side of the unit.

    Does my Battery Charger ever completely shut off?
    No, it is recommended to simply let a battery sit without a maintenance charge applied.

    Can I use a Lead Acid/Flooded Cell Battery Charger on a Gel Battery, or a "Sealed" Lead Acid Battery (VRLA)?
    Although a Flooded type battery charger could charge the battery, it is not recommmended for typical charging/maintenance.

    What size charger do I need?
    For standard and deep cycle batteries, Charles' recommends sizing the charger to (1/2 total Ahrs of the house/accessory battery bank) / 8 hours of recharging/recovery time. The 'hours of recharging/recovery' may be changed to accomodate faster recharging time, but try not to exceed an average of 25AHrs per battery.

    For starting batteries, it is recommended to sizing the charger to (1/4 total AHrs of the house/accessory battery bank) / 8 hours of recharging/recovery time. The 'hours of recharging/recovery' may be changed to accomodate faster recharging time, but try not to exceed an average of 25 AHrs per battery.

    It is recommended to exceed 30% of the chargers rated output as a typical load.

    What is the difference between the 2000 and 5000 model charger lines?
    1. The 5000-series is UL certified, while the 2000 is not.

    2. The 5000-series has an upgraded EMI filter (Electromagnetic Interference) providing additional protection from the radio frequency spectrum of external electronic devices.

    3. The 2000-series has a 2-year warranty, the 5000-series has a 5 year warranty.

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