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Teleflex Steering Options by Engine Type

Technical Reference Manual

Steering Options Based On Engine Type

All Outboards & Power Assisted Stern Drives

*SeaStar P/A is a power-assist add-on subsystem which requires presence or purchase of a complete SeaStar steering system (SeaStar Pro helms require use of SeaStar P/A Pro). NOTE: Some high performance boats/engine combinations develop instability at high speed. Instability becomes more prevalent in boats faster than 50 MPH. Dual-cable steering or SeaStar PRO systems are rec om mend ed by Teleflex and engine makers for these boats. IMPORTANT: No FeedBack Steering MUST NOT be used in dual station, power-assisted, or autopilot installations!

Will it Fit?

MECHANICAL CONSIDERATIONS: Mounting hardware for NFB 4.2, Safe-T II and HPS helms fits the Safe-T dash cutout. NFB Rack helms fit 1984-date "The Rack" mounting holes. 1996-date "back mount" rack helms use a unique rack cable and will not work with old style rack cables.

HYDRAULIC CONSIDERATIONS: SeaStar helms retrofit into most boats. The SeaStar front mount cylinder is best for outboards with 22" splashwells or wider. Side/splashwell mount cylinders are offered, but require more room. Check splashwell dimensions before ordering outboard cylinders.

Outboards (without power steering): No FeedBack (NFB - mechanical), BayStar or SeaStar (hydraulic) is recommended as replacement steering for all non-power-assisted out boards. For high performance boats or other applications in which there may be engine flutter or some steering instability, dual cable NFB (4.2/Pro Rack) mechanical systems or SeaStar PRO hydraulic systems are recommended. For most rotary steered boats made after 1993, upgrading to NFB can be as simple as a helm change.

Stern Drives & Outboards (with power steering): HPS High Performance Steering is recommended for power-steered stern drives and other power-assisted applications. Both rotary and rack versions feature unique, coated core construction for minimal backlash at the wheel. Traditional mechanical systems (Safe-T QC & Back Mount Rack & Pinion) may also be used for power-assisted applications. SeaStar is recommended for all vessels using autopilots.

All Inboards, Non Power-Assisted Stern Drives

*SeaStar P/A is a power-assist add-on subsystem which requires presence or purchase of a complete SeaStar steering system (SeaStar Pro helms require use of SeaStar P/A Pro).

Please use these guides to assist in making your selection, but remember that the recommendations are general in nature. Any boat/ steering system combination should be water-tested by the installer to ensure safe and dependable steering. Displacement hulls do react differently than planing hulls. As a result, the type of hull on the boat, as well as the horsepower, may affect steering system selection. If in doubt, please contact Teleflex Technical Service for assistance. We are happy to help you. For Teleflex and Morse mechanical product technical support, contact 610-495-7011, FAX 610-495-7688 or on-line at www.teleflexmarine.com. For Capilano, Hynautic, SeaStar and SyTen product technical support, contact 604-270-6899 or 941-488-6744, FAX 604-270-7172 or on-line at www.teleflexmarine.com.

Stern Drives (without power steering): SeaStar or NFB 4.2 No FeedBack Steering is recommended for nonpower- assisted stern drives and small inboards. SeaStar is recommended for all vessels using autopilots.

Inboards: Big-T, SeaStar, SeaStar Capilano, and SeaStar Power Steering are available for various inboard and sail boats. SeaStar is recommended for vessels with dual stations and those using autopilots. Big-T is the only mechanical steering system currently offered for twin station boats. Big-T service parts are available or you can upgrade to SeaStar

Jet Boats: Teleflex has supplied many versions of steering for jet boats. If you are replacing jet boat steering, please refer to the Teleflex catalog or contact Technical Service for assistance. (610-495-7011, FAX 610-495-7688 or on-line at www.teleflexmarine.com.)

Tilt Steering: You can upgrade to the comfort and convenience of Tilt steering with all Teleflex systems except Capilano.

Multiple Engine Tie Bars: Installation of a new steering system may require the replacement of tie bars for dual or triple engines. Please refer to the SeaStar Selection Guide to make sure you order the proper one.

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